One exciting part of networking is to connect two people who need to know each other. If networking is viewed not only as a way to help your business but also because of the method of helping others build, it has come as a master network manager.

Making this type of introduction simple, all you have to do is send them a simple email. In fact, it is the same email that all you have to do is use the carbon copy function to send an email to both people.

  • The introductory email should include:

    • How do you know each person
    • What does each person / job / title do?
    • Here's the sample email script

      "Hello Bill and Jane

    • I met him through the Chamber of Commerce in the city. Jane Johnson is really a big mortgage observer with my bank who has Bill's Phone Number _______ Jane's Phone Number _________

      Bill, Meet Jane

      After introducing their hands. You can follow it if you want, but it is not your responsibility to keep in touch. Connected important parts. You will not only feel good if you help them, they will be respectable and look for the ways they can contact them. What's going around is coming!

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