A few months ago, the New York Times reported that college students do not know how to communicate with professors. According to the report, e-mails were too informal and often involved with inappropriate language to convey ideas to professors. Although I think college professors, as adults, are able to handle the right language, I agree that this is a problem that needs to be examined. That's why I created the top ten lists of email suggestions for my students. Below are some useful tips and suggestions for students who need to follow if they meet their professors.

1) Do not use slang or swear words in the email. Use your fists if you need but keep your emails clean, short and coherent. Do not email your professors who want to fight them in your class or something else. The professor probably beat … or at least bite … and if your professor bites, send an email to the dean. Never send emails to Dean or senior staff without absolutely being necessary. A teacher's report on the handles? This is a damn good reason to contact the dean.

2) Make sure you have entered your name, class, and sections by emailing the professor. Professors are underpaid and overwhelmed. You probably do not know who you are. When sending an e-mail, make sure your first name and last name appear in the professor's inbox. The professor does not know who the sexy emo lover is and he thinks that his email is spam.

3) The professor knows when he was sending his email. Do not send anything after midnight unless it is due before the next class meeting. And remember that after midnight you sent your teacher, you did not see Gremlins? Who cleans up all the Gremlin shit? It seems to me like the wonderful poopers.

4) Make sure the subject line is linked to your email. You should not use a theme guide such as "What is your mother?" and "look at this shit." Be sure to include the course title in the subject line. If possible, send the email to the professors with the delivery status notification, knowing that you have received it. This is useful if a professor loses his job.

5) Keep your email short. Do not start thinking about why they buy aromatized water when they only spit in water and become flavored. Come here to think why no one wrote this idea? This can be called Backwash. Fresh tasting, durable, back wash. One sip and you'll never forget … look forward to … I'm amazed now. Do not do it.

6) If it does not appear, you must first send the professor if you have rules for participation. Give them the date, the reason why there are no scenes (you must kill the president, your mom ran out of the diet Mr. Pib etc.), Then he will thank the professor for their time. If you do not have a participation policy and hopefully no, do not interfere with emailing. You are now a college; some professors believe it means mature enough to make their own choices. Do not prove me bad.

7) If you have a question for the instructor, ask the question. Do not write about how much time God spent on creating the earth or whether the war in Iraq is a disaster or not. Just ask your question, thank you and sign your email. Always sign your e-mails. Never ask a question that you can find on your curriculum. Professors hate this and your students think you're stupid. I know that some dormitories accept people who can not read for silly reasons, but suppose you can read it. And your classmates too. Take the curriculum and slip it onto the notebook cover if the curriculum is not the size of Kong's son.

8) Always visit the teacher during office hours, not by email. If you do not have office hours (or during sleep), use e-mail. Personally, it takes more time and attention than your email. And anyway, do not you want to come up for a change?

9) Organize your school correspondence, use it for school purposes, and check it daily. Each course must have a folder. Using school emails to Facebook and other trendy social sites is troubled if you are stupid enough to take pictures of yourself while wearing a small lamb. Facebook and other sites are not worth the trouble. As far as checking your e-mail, do it every day. By checking the email daily, it may seem coercive and boundless crazy. The counterparts of the opposite sex will be crazy and receive important school notifications on time.

10) Even if you hate a teacher or strongly disagree, do not use your e-mail as a chance to select points that you did not like the presentation. If you have a problem, talk to your professor personally. They will respect you, as they come to their eyes, not by e-mail. Only rewards are used to offend or criticize the internet, which is not constructive or useful to anyone but the ego of the sender. We do not say that we agree with everything the professor says or say is not a seasoned specialist or alumni when you read this, but there is time and place for this and e-mail is not one of them. Snorkeling is.

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