Are you afraid to go through a network meeting? Are your thoughts anxious? Are you wondering if it is worth it if you attend the event? On one hand, you have to be ready.

You are all marketing materials and you're ready.

Practice what you're going to say when you need to show it. Practice again and again as long as you feel good. Let your intuition know what to say. You will always have another event to change and punch the words. You have a trusted friend to help with this, if you want, but you can always trust what you feel deeply. I changed something differently because someone else thought I knew deeply that my journey was the best. Finally, I will go to return to the consciousness of my heart.
Leave your appointment early, so it can take a lot of time for any delay, which would prevent it from being timed and therefore cause more stress.

2) Set Your Intent and Reflect.

I'm strange with my intentions. (I'm curious to have a satisfying entertainment opportunity for people who will be useful to help me achieve my goals to date … Today I want to meet two people whom I would like to schedule later to meet one another and help each other.)

Now spend a few minutes reflecting this intention. Just breathe deeply and repeat the intent in your mind again.

3) Help someone else.

When you enter the room, find someone who looks uncomfortable, someone who looks just like you felt. It will be easy to find them. Usually, they are standing or sitting in their seats. Take your mission to see if this person feels more comfortable. This immediately changes your attention to yourself and any stress that still exists.

With the newly established mission to help you, you will not have time to worry about yourself. Do not spend the whole appointment with your new friend. Play meccsmester. See if you can share them with someone else who can be interested in what he offers. Then look for someone else. You're so busy playing the game over time. You will meet many people and will respect them for their helpful attitude. When you introduce yourself later, people want to listen frankly.

4) See your success every day.

Spend some time with visualization every day and focus on what you want. It is estimated that man has 4000 thoughts a day. What do you think? If you waste your time thinking about what you should have done or say or imagine the worst scenarios what might happen if … then it's time to start changing your faith. Start imagine your dreams. Start showing what you want to do. When your brain starts your journey right away to find the way to realize your dreams.

Follow these four steps and you will be relaxed and welcome to participate in any network event. A relaxed, easy-to-access attitude attracts many new customers and friends.

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