You are in your resume. Regardless of whether you are writing any rewrite or doing it yourself, you feel good about your resume. This is nice. But did you decide how to submit your resume?

What's in the online age, so let's talk about the online sequel. There are several ways to submit your resume online. For the purpose of this article, I will assist you in how to resume my resume via email.

Some points you should keep in mind when sending your resume via email:

Appendix 1 or Simple Text

Some companies do not accept e-mail attachments. If you're not sure, it's best if you both can – put your resume in the email body and attach it as an attachment.

This means you will lose the format in your resume when you include your email email. Best bet – making version 2 of the sequel – a fully-formatted, beautiful-looking sequel (Word document), the other in plain text form. And use both versions (or both). Saves time and gives the recipient the choice of how to view your resume.

While tempting a link to a website and recommending the registrar or lease manager to locate your resume, this is a terrible idea. The recruiters do not have to do this – until the exclusion is over.

2. Cover Letter.

In most cases, the email body is a cover page. However, do not repeat the things that are already in your resume – unnecessary data is carried by the person who reads the application and you certainly do not want it, right?

3. Final check, directly before the Send button is pressed

First, check the recipient's e-mail address.

Second, enter the address that is required in the SUBJECT line.

Third, use plain words in the email body to convey the message. This could be the possible cover, so be careful. If you include your CV in text form, make sure it is OK. If you send attachments, write it down at the end of your message by e-mail.

Finally, spell checking. Take care of errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, if any, and fix them. CC yourself in the email, then hit the submit.

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