Did you watch the TV in reality? Anything that is "housewives" is a terrible evil for American women. Our sons and daughters are taught that there is no true friendship between women that we can not have strong relationships and that we will not help each other unless we have the benefit for us.

This is far from the reality of women's real life at work and in life. Want to help change it? Would you like to offset the influence of TV on your daughters? If you can not find a local business network for women, start your own.

Start deciding what you're going to target. Are women just working? Will you turn on women who want to take part? Is there an interesting topic for women or have wider issues for men? I do not recommend being just "women". We have complained too much about the "only men" groups to turn and do the same. In my experience with women's groups, some people are willing to sit and listen to the stories of menopause and breast cancer, but they can strongly influence the participants by changing themes.

Get to know your goal. Is this a business development organization? Send networking and transmissions? Or will you give a broader picture of helping women with personal and professional development? It can help other women not only by providing information, but by providing them with a place where positive women can influence the community. If I want to start a female entrepreneurship organization, that would be my primary goal: to give women time and time to influence and make others feel good and friends.

Finally, select a format. Will they have lunch? Breakfast may be difficult if the mother is to have everyone go to the door. In the evening it can be difficult for adult families. Check with people you think you might be interested in what you can do for them.

Take the time to find women of the same mind in your community and tell them that you want to join them to create a positive place. We must counteract television rottings to provide great opportunities for women's personal and professional growth.

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