Do you remember how excited when the computer told you, "YOU HAVE HAD!" One of my memories is Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's romantic comedy. Well, the days gone by when we are very excited about opening an email without waiting for something and waiting for it to arrive. Today I received an introductory email from a company that wanted to tell me how great they are and why they want to deal with me. The message contained about 232 words. I know because I count them. In addition, I read the message four times to get the point the author wanted to know. We are all busy and when we write a business letter or e-mail, here are some tips.

  • Create the letter and use first and foremost names instead of being formal as if you were talking to my dad. I do not really like calling him Mr. Martine. When you do this, I feel like you and you're down.
  • Do not forget, if you want someone's attention, then we are a society that is "ME" centered. This means that it's not about you – I do not care how good your business is. Tell us what impact the service will have on us, and maybe we will blow our offer.
  • Close with an incentive or call to action that makes us more excited about your business relationship with you. If you want us to do something, we make it clear, and if you have an action time frame, make it clear.
  • Add a picture and a logo to the message to help us remember it. We are just human, and it really helps to put a name in the face because we remember the face or the logo more than the words you write.

When writing a letter or email, try writing to a friend as a friend. Keeping the message simple and short is also important. Good Sales

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