Automatic messaging e-mails basically distribute emails that are automatically sent by predefined schedule. The one who joins today's subscriber list will receive the same first email in a series like him who joined the list last week.

These messages can teach, sell products, or promote products or services from other businesses

Your First Message

When using email marketing, networking is very important. Usually people need to know before they buy something from you. Write e-mails in order to manage and inform your e-mail subscriber. Usually it takes around 7 to 10 messages before a person commits himself to the purchase.

First responder email is a welcome e-mail. This is the email that people receive after registration. If you have a free email address in return for your email address, please add this message.

Then you can send the information and a soft sale. The following few emails may have a tougher, more direct sales message.

Your Responder's Schedule

There is no correct or wrong answer to how often you should schedule automatic responders' emails. They may be sent more often at the beginning when people first join the list. Then you can reduce emails for one or two hours a week.

Remember to consider how often you plan to send messages. The broadcast email is the one you are sending to your entire subscriber base, regardless of when you joined the list. You do not want to send e-mails that include programs and those that go out according to the response schedule.

How many automatic respondents will email you?

In the first two emails, you want to cast the reader's feelings and show them that they really need to find a solution to their problem. You can then continue these emotions in the following emails, and you may sell a product or service that can solve this problem. Your final email is in the order of immediate sale of the product through call-to-action

This product is placed in front of people several times. With this strategy, you can get higher conversion rates. Examine the various sequences and the different ways to show these sequences to see what works best for the audience.

Fine-tuning e-mails for auto responders

Auto-reply emails are very effective in the series and let you value and deliver to the audience. Keep in mind, however, that you always keep automatic messaging emails on the evergreen stage, so they will always be relevant and sometimes you will need some emails to keep them relevant


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