The next day I talked to someone who told me that she was one of the few who really love networking. You're right – I think these people are few and far apart. And as a founding member of a successful conference / forum that aims to return mothers to work, I know that networking is one of the things that most people are scared of.

The irony is that moms are the best network. They do not always know they are networking and do not know how to convert these conversations as "next step". Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Networking is almost compulsory, these days, at work hunting. The proportion of those who receive online resources (such as Monster) is low; most job seekers find a word of mouth. This is even more for the maternal labor market for moms – if there is a gap in your resume, it is so easy to drop if the registrar does not know you and how successful, experienced, and so on. or.

2nd Networking is about talking to other moms in your game group or PTA or (fill in the activity). If they do not work, their husbands are likely to. Or their siblings or brothers. Tell me what you are looking for ("trying to get back to my career") and it will surprise you how many people know someone who knows someone …

3. Networking does not have to be uncomfortable. Selling y pitch, ingenious, and constantly talking about the job hunting is on top of it, to be sure. But no one deals with a simple investigation, as everyone is looking for a job at one time or a good friend for someone who is looking for work. You can be surprised how many people want to help others find work.

4th Network management means that your organization must … keep track of the names, phone numbers, emails, etc. provided to you. Be sure to thank the original submission and keep a list of follow-ups; he often gets his name ("I think Bill needs marketing"), but he's not staring at me, but when talking to Bill, there are 3 other ideas … finding a system and then tracking the relationships as they come.

5th Keep an eye on yourself: the 5 year old assistant may be a VP and ready to hire or make reference because you are such a great boss! Call these calls to all users in the address book, even if you have not talked to them over time. Set yourself a 5th, 10th target for a day or a week call and reach that goal.

6th He talks constantly. You never know when you can imagine someone thinking of a person who can not think of it.

The goal of networking is to create a team of friends and supporters who work for you and your job goals. You do not have to hire a blue suit, find 100 employees and smile, and take five hours to become an effective network – be yourself, be honest and be surprised how many people want to help.

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