What is this email? How many times did you say this to yourself when you look at this email that you have, but there is nothing more than a gibberish? First let's look at two nonsense e-mail examples:

1) Subject: blackball bibliography annulus

body: chirp beggary, bottom delphine cleft, beatify bookkeep. dariusz depends on the deck

capsule baneberry demolition. chalk carnival carven coercion switched chang crowberry coke cholinesterase hymn balm building. codetermine labeled accentual ambulatory bifocal anderson

2) Subject: bacon amoco besiege

refrain from congratulating carboy brakes. born an aftermath of a buttery citizen christensen breakthrough. dirt Copyright authors discrete ceylon axon chaise bloodstained bruising alchemy. without the angelica brooke being operated by an acetic diaconium.

As you can see, the subject of both the subject and the emails is completely meaningless. Yet, these two e-mails (as with 2 such e-mails received a lot of similar emails) are meaningless as these emails appear, it is obvious that someone (or something) has created these emails for some reason.

Let's analyze this: all emails are just textual and both seem to contain innocuous words. Both tactics will warn you of any running SPAM filters. Additionally, there is no graphics or hyperlink in the email, once again sending those desires to ensure the use of SPAM filters.

Quite enough, why would someone wasted time to send worthless emails? Oh, worthless to you, but not spammers. Spammers use computer programs to find e-mail blogs and messages. Once you have these email addresses, you want to make sure that your email address is "live", that is, your account is not fake or stopped. If these emails are sent to you, the mere fact that they will not be returned to the spammer tells them that they have live e-mails.

What can you do about this? Not many. These emails often change and fly very well under the radar. The only solid answer is a handshake type e-mail system, one that, after receiving the email that is not in the OK list, requires the sender to check who they are in the email they are tracking. In addition, you have to live with it.

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