This Outlook Express installation guide provides a detailed description of how to repair and troubleshoot Outlook Explorer browser email issues.

Creating a new e-mail account in Outlook Explorer may seem simple for the first time, but you often encounter an email or you will not be able to receive emails. This can cause a lot of frustration, but do not worry. This Outlook Express installation guide shows you how to improve the email reception problem.

The first thing to check is that the correct EMAIL USERNAME, PASSWORD, and INCOMING MAIL SERVER addresses are in the Outlook Express installer. This information must be provided from the HOSTING COMPANY. This is the company that owns the physical server where your internet hotel is located.

If you do not know all the information
If you do not know EMAIL USERNAME and PASSWORD, you'll need to log in to the website's administration page or control panel to receive this information. (If you have all the information, skip this step)

From your service provider, you can use the control panel (often and USERNAME and PASSWORD to sign in to the control panel.

Follow the steps below to receive EMAIL USERNAME and EMAIL PASSWORD from the online hotel's control panel:

  • Enter the control panel connection to your web browser (or click on the recipient's email)
  • Log in USERNAME and to use PASSWORD
  • Click EMAIL ACCOUNTS (or something similar – different versions of the name appear on the different control panel)
  • See the current account (or something similar). Here you see EMAIL USERNAME (often same as your email address)
  • Click CHANGE PASSWORD (or similar) button
  • Enter a new password
  • Save Changes and Logout Control Panel

You can also create e-mail accounts under your account on the control panel. You now have EMAIL USERNAME and EMAIL PASSWORD and you can use it in Outlook Express by following these steps.

If you have this information, open Outlook Express and follow these steps:

  • Go to Tools -> Accounts (Internet Accounts field opens)
  • Invoice from the list. Click the Properties button (Properties opens)
  • Select the Servers tab
  • In the Incoming Mail (POP3) box, type INCOMING MAIL SERVER (usually
  • Account Name (under Incoming Mail Server), type EMAIL USERNAME. (This is usually your email address)
  • Enter the EMAIL PASSWORD in the Password box (incoming mail within the server).
  • Make sure Sign In with Secure Password Authentication is NOT checked.
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • In the Inbox (POP3) check that the check box "The server requires a secure connection (SSL)" is NOT checked
  • Click OK to close the Properties dialog box
  • Close button to close the Internet accounts.

If you still have problems accessing emails, go back to installing Outlook Express (using the steps above) and select "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" on the Server tab.

Now check if everything works. If you do not return to Outlook Express and under the Advanced tab under Incoming Mail (POP3), check the box next to "This server requires a secure connection" checkbox.

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