Windows 8 has denied the feel of old Windows users by keeping Microsoft Outlook the latest version. Windows 8. Although Microsoft introduced the live Metro-style Mail application, a webmail service that allows users to access the email directly from the live user interface via their Internet connection, Microsoft Outlook used to help users e-mail communication with the old style.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 (also known as Outlook 15) is part of Microsoft Office 2013 and is a standard downloadable program on the Microsoft Web site. As regards appearance and appearance, Microsoft has retained its old style. The client installation procedure and screens are the same as Windows 7 or Vista, etc. Users do not have to worry about everything, at least set Outlook 2013 to handle the difficulties they need to send and receive e-mails. This does not mean that Outlook 2013 is old wine in a new bottle. With SkyDrive integration, Metro style user interface, live tiles, enhanced automation, and more advanced features, Outlook 2013 offers customers a whole new experience.

To experience this change, you must create Outlook 2013. That's what I help. Here are a few steps to help you fix Outlook 2013 in trouble-free settings. Check the following steps:

· Tap or tap Outlook 2013 (Live Tile) in the Metro-style UI. Make sure that Microsoft Office 2013 is installed on your Windows 8-based computer or you can not find Outlook 2013.

· If you are on the desktop and want to switch to the Metro-style user interface, apply the Charms bar by pressing the Windows + C keyboard shortcut. Touch the Start button on the Charms bar and the Metro UI will open. Click the Outlook 2013 tab.

· Once you click, Welcome to Outlook 2013 is displayed (Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 15) at the top of the screen. Click Next in the window to continue. On the Email Account Add screen, touch Yes, and then click Next to start the email account setup in Microsoft Outlook.

· On the Auto Account Setup screen, make sure that the E-mail Account button is selected. Enter your name in the Name box. Similarly complete all the details in the required fields. To manually configure your email account, click the radio button next to Manually or next to server types, and then click Next. Follow the remaining instructions on the screen, enter all the required information, including server information, etc., and perform the setup procedure.

· If you want Outlook to automatically search for and configure all email settings, simply click Next button without selecting Manual Setup or any other server types. Outlook 2013 automatically fills all settings and is ready to load incoming mail. You can send or receive emails and enjoy the new experience.

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