Sometimes a person must send an anonymous email and remain anonymous. They want the sent emails to be completely uncontrollable so they can never be identified. People hear about international hackers and cybercrime, so they assume it's possible, but really? The answer is yes and no. Do not miss it, with enough time and money to track all emails directly to the sender. Any online communication can be traced, the author identifies and places. The best you can hope is to make investigations more difficult for investigators.

The first thing most people try to send to a non-trackable e-mail is creating a fake email account. Fictive information will be used to fill the application. Although this may prevent most of your instant email search database, it will not do anything to identify you. It's a very simple question for the detective to track the email on your computer. It can be as simple as a quick header scan.

The next step a person can do is use a proxy server to hide their IP address. This is a quick and easy process for setting up a proxy IP address in the email program and this changes the email headers and looks like sending the email from a different location. This slows down the average researcher who starts with the incoming e-mail header than the initial focus of the test. But again, the experienced detective will not ignore a proxy IP or a forged header.

Another tactic that the sender can use is an anonymous remailer program. This is where 90% of e-mail investigators just give up. But once again, the experienced email tracker saw everything and successfully identified people even if they used anonymous email correspondence. In fact, it is often easier to identify a person using a re-authenticator because he thinks he is technically competent and untouchable. They will be unwise, stupid and obscene, and fall into the traps set by the e-mail investigator.

Finally, anonymous email may be that you can use a public computer in a directory or sometimes in a dormitory to send anonymous email. They think it covers the numbers completely. But again, I simply wish. Incoming email can be easily tracked at the public workstation and these facilities will keep track of the users. In fact, these public places are very eager to cooperate with investigators who have to indicate the sender of the email.

So, at closing, we can see that it's really impossible to send an unnamed anonymous e-mail. Information sent or received over the Internet can be tracked to identify or identify the person or persons at the other end. Although there are steps to slow down the investigation or deceive an immediate database effort, though the search query in the email always returns at least some of the identity information of the other at least at the end of the Internet communication.

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