Trade has begun since the beginning of trade with merchants who promote their goods to sell them to their neighbors, villagers and beyond. After the global economy began to move and spread the word further. According to Wikipedia, "marketing as a birth birth usually comes to the first decade of the twentieth century when" marketing courses "appeared at universities, in 1902, the University of Michigan offered what many believe in the first course of marketing."

In 1996 Jeffrey Rayport, and then Professor of Harvard Business School, wrote the article Fast Company entitled "Marketing Viruses", using the term "virus marketing" and "v-marketing" [19659002] Viral marketing is defined as: Marketing strategy, which focuses on the distribution of information and opinions about a product or service from person to person, notably by means of non-standard means, such as via the Internet or via e-mail.

Most people say that virus marketing only exists after the computer is released because it needs e-mail and / or social media to spread the word. In my opinion, it exists for 2000 years. We might ask how this could happen before the birth of computer and social media, but in their initial form, viral marketing is the dissemination of information among the community. If this information persuades people to change their beliefs and influence their opinions, marketing has worked

So if this is the case and literally spells out to Viral Marketing, who was the first major virus marketing? In my opinion, Jesus of Nazareth should be. I know, now you say what? But think about it. Before Jesus spread his word, people were not Christians. They were not part of another religion or part of a religious group. So why not look at Jesus as a great salesman and great marketing? After all, Christianity is the greatest hit to 2.2 billion, or to 31.5 per cent of the world's population. He was able to persuade people to change their faith or accept their faith. Starting with one believer, he grew to 12 disciples and followed his leadership and used Viral Marketing to expand his message. Now, 2000 years after his death, people were still spreading his word. If this is not the largest virus marketing campaign, then I do not know what it is. You may not agree with the message, but it has reached too many people.

What other great campaigns are there? Can you name some of your favorite campaigns?

Thank you for reading.

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