Vodafone announced this week its brand new web social networking service, designed to attract mobile network users through a large number of networks. Vodafone 360 ​​& # 39; it aims to revolutionize social networks affecting mobile devices, which acts as a aggregator for synchronizing phone, email, and social networking.

By synchronizing important contact sites such as Facebook, Windows Messenger, and Google Talk, the new feature can coordinate all the connections in a domain. It will soon include a growing social network giant, Twitter

The impact of this impressive address book will benefit many mobile phone users who have limited time or are on the go. Vodafone has also revealed that it intends to open the service by stealing the roster of competitors from all major British network and more than 100 compatible handsets

As a tool for competing for the Apple iPhone and Google Android products, Vodafone 360 ​​is attempting to reach a serious market for mobile social networks. the development of Vodafone Live now exhausted and outdated in the face of the big street enthusiasts.

Vodafone has announced that it will provide new applications, entertainment and mapping services to compatible mobile phones for Christmas. Vodafone 360 ​​& # 39; for all network users, incoming Vodafone applications will be available to everyone who seeks to create a monopoly.

Vodafone 360 ​​& # 39; exclusive devices are already under construction, Samsung Vodafone 360 ​​H1 and Vodafone 360 ​​M1 are Samsung's highest end portfolios.

The "Vodafone 360" feature set in Christmas time is set to rotate your head as it strives to get on the road to mobile social networking.

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