One of the biggest disadvantages of e-mail as a communication method is the fact that while some respond immediately to emails, others do not. It's a fact that he ever sent you an email to someone, then wondered if he ever came because he did not answer in time? Many businesses have studied this issue and many people require people to have devices such as Blackberry, so email responses are timely. Real-estate studies show that average email responses in the industry are 24 to 72 hours, while agents that use tools properly, such as Blackberry, generally respond to e-mails less than twenty minutes. Obviously, the quickest you respond to, the more you value them and is therefore especially important for individuals who are responding to the public with publicity, especially marketing, sales, or citizen positions. 19659002] Studies have shown that e-mails are often over-exploited because many people are intimidating telephone and personal communications in some way. People often feel comfortable in writing rather than oral. However, it is often when e-mail does not speed up the process because written communication is often misunderstood or incomplete. Oral communication is more personal and faster and gives you the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings.

Since personal communication is the most effective and requires the following phone calls, it must be acknowledged that emails are considered to be less effective than text communication. Much of this is due to the less timely response rate of e-mail communication.

During the consultation, I advise someone to respond as quickly as possible to all e-mails. If the answer to a question is not readily available then the answer is to check and return to the interviewer as soon as possible. Then the recipient of the email must fulfill its promise to respond.

If you use the email for casual email, it is important that you respond in a timely manner. Effective email use means you can not wait to answer until you have access to your computer, but you should use some personal data management device (PDA) as soon as possible. You will be impressed, others will appreciate your efforts and speed.

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