If the person seeking the employer, the hunter or the employer is presented, his success can be attributed directly to the way it is sent.

In order to avoid wasting your time and efforts, it is essential to do exactly what the recruiter or employer has done, how to submit your resume or cover page. For example, it is important to submit your resume in the desired file format – usually Word or PDF and the file name contains the name and the word "CV" or "Resume". for example Edge CV

It is worth recognizing that for security reasons, some employers do not accept attachments because they are cautious about viruses; in such cases, it is recommended that you simply copy and paste the document as plain text – not italic or underline – under the email message.


Busy people, recruiters and employers are increasingly relying on e-mail software to sift and organize large amounts of e-mail – saving time and money

Best not to assume that recruiter or the employer instinctively knows that she is asking for a job. Your email address and attachment should be clearly communicated to you by email, why you should open and read it. "Subject" is therefore a key to reading the application.

Make sure your email address "Subject" contains the job title and job links. In addition, the insertion of the word "CV" or "Continue" helps to make it clear that the email comes from a job seeker and ensures that the application is not placed in the rejected heap. For example …

Subject: CV Resume for IT Project Manager Position, London UK

Remember that an empty space or a misspelled word can send a "spam" sign in the "Subject line", which means that the e -mail address deleted or "spam".

Keywords in the "body" of your email address

The email that accompanies the work application serves the same purpose as the letter. The person who scans the incoming messages or uses the e-mail search function also searches for specific keywords in the "body" of the email; it would therefore be useful to rewrite the word "correction", "workplace reference" and "location" in the line "greeting".

Hold the "body" of the email more compactly than a traditional cover page. Write a brief description of yourself. Take the reader's attention with some examples of how experience corresponds to the job profile. The reader knows that he has attached his resume and signed his signature to prevent technical difficulties with attachments.

E-mail label.

The times are changing and email communication is a growing trend because of many advantages – speed is just one.

However, etiquette remains important. Before you click the "Submit" button, it is a good idea to adjust the message. Check for clarity and compactness. Keep in mind that spelling and grammar are just as important in emails as in other written communications.

Finally, "test" your email – send it to yourself and open the attachment to make sure it opens correctly.

if you follow these guidelines, you can distinguish yourself from many other candidates and safe interviews

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