Social networking enabled me to re-join my high school and college friends I have not seen in 20 years! Even though we are now in the whole country, we can still share each other's lives. I enjoy seeing pictures of them and their families and hearing about the special events that are happening in their lives. We can laugh at the amusing occasions we've shared together and it's easy to keep up with any planned event like meetings or occasional encounters. I also love sharing my friends with my friends, without the whole world being able to see it. I can choose who can see my data and pictures.

I can fill a section in my profile, as many or as many details as I want. I can draw on personal status and the history of employment. I can tell whether I've been searching for friends or colleagues or are looking for romance. You can find people in many ways. You can search by entering their name, age, email address, or location. You can also go to high school or university where you are attending. You can search for people by name of the job title or company name. After you sign up for the site, you can invite people to stay in touch with you. If you're in contact, you can start reading your profiles and viewing photos. You can even build your family tree! You can enter the name of your parents and your relatives will be contacted.

There are a number of groups you can join to keep your interests and hobbies up to date. These groups are changing from alumni and college alumni groups to television programs and sports teams. If you become a member of a group, you receive upgrades for the latest news. Keeping in touch with friends and family is so simple!

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