China is a key country for marketers who want to expand to Asia. GDP continues to rise more than 10% over the year. As a result, an ever-richer culture is emerging in metropolis such as Pekingen and Shanghai, and brands have to extend their reach in these markets. Social networks are accessible and widespread for access to the Chinese market.

Internet users in China are getting more and more experienced every day. China will have 265 million social network users at the end of this year. The number of social networking users is estimated to reach 488 million by 2015. As penetration approaches saturation, users are eager to use social sites to follow their favorite brands and products. As Chinese and Chinese government censorship blocks Facebook and Twitter, there is no transaction between Chinese Internet users.

So Facebook and Twitter are not ideal for those who focus on the Chinese market. Rather, marketing should be accredited by using local Chinese network sites to reach their target market. In China, Renren and Sina Weibo play a dominant role in the social network market. They can be considered as China "Facebook" and "Twitter", as each network currently has 160 million and 100 million registered users. There are many other local networks, such as WeaLink, LinkedIn Chinese version, and Kaixin001.


Beijing-based social network Renren is China's leading social network and literally a Facebook clone that provides the same colors and layout. reported in February that Renren will soon start an $ 500 million IPO on NASDAQ before US networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are released. Due to the heavy venture capital, Japan Softbank Corp and American Accel Partners, the popularity of Renren has risen. Renren turns to "everyone", which means everyone is connected to a network. However, before they went through a name change in 2009, Renren was once called Xiaonei, that is, "at university" as the site was made exclusively for college students.

The goal of the change was to expel the network outside the exclusive university students and expand the target market for the network. Still, Renren still attracts the younger population of students and white galleries. Still, their big audience is considered to be a more lucrative advertising platform, which also creates commercial benefits for the company. Renren is also strong in monetization. Brand campaigns are sold to companies at a high price. Fan sites, while free on Facebook, start at 600,000 yuan (about $ 90,000). So social network marketing is more expensive through Renren, but if you want to move to the younger Chinese market then that is the way.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo's features are very similar to Twitter so this community network is great for communicating quickly with the target market. Sina Weibo allows users to limit their thoughts to only 140 characters, which has the same character limit as Twitter. The site is very popular and the number of Chinese and registered users exceeded 100 million by the end of February. The site is actually like Twitter on steroids. In fact, not only textual information but also image, video and sound can be shared. You can upload multimedia content to Sina Weibo or embed content that is hosted by a third party channel. Sina Corporation, China's largest web portal, launched in August 2009, Sina Weibo experienced explosive growth, fueled by celebrity users and over-market ratings. Susequehanna International analysts predict that the company will reach 120 million marks by 2012. For comparison, Twittern had 175 million users since September 2010.

network "is another very popular social network. Kaiser said that users are mostly" white collar middle class "and typically a" first-class city ".
Renegel versus Kaixin001 attracts intellectual office workers to ease Kaiser noted that is extremely popular among people working for multinational companies, advertising agencies, and other intellectual businesses, and that the site is valuable, in a way that is more intuitive to older audiences,


Founded in 2004, WeaLink is China's leading corporate social networking platform, a network that is basically the LinkedIn Chinese clone, a profitable user profile for a free account where you can contact your contact information, professional experience, educational details, and other people or companies' recommendations. However, corporate profiles are not free, costing about $ 900 a year. However, this account allows you to authorize corporate updates, company followers, and posts available at your company.

International companies in the Chinese market need to understand how to use local Chinese network sites to reach their target market and successfully expand their business. The research presented in this article will help you.

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