Any successful software development product extends implementation areas. This condition is the software business, enterprise, etc. Needed to integrate into infrastructure. Practically, such software products are the result of new technologies and modules. Many experts believe that in the case of Lotus / Domino, enterprise-class e-mail systems are such a result.

Lotus (subsequently IBM) is always strong on the email system market. Here we can mention Lotus сc: Mail. Later, the Notes-supported email component from the earliest versions. These mechanisms have always been developed and developed continuously. Starting from vector 4.5, the Domino email server was integrated into the Internet email system. E-mail mechanisms are "native" in all Domino databases. The mailbox in the Domino user is a regular server database. You can set up email routing through a copy of your local email box (replication mechanism). In addition, the administrator can set up any e-mail in any Domino database (Mail-In Database document).

The Domino server now supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MIME, and S / MIME protocols. For Domino customers: Lotus Notes, any browser (usually via iNotes interface), other manufactory customers (eg MS Outlook). Domino R6 Version Improved:

o Scalability and Efficiency Procedures for Email Servers. Progress has been made by increasing the functionality of the server (MAILx.BOX) and the independent directory server;

o algorithms for e-mail processing using Rules and Policy mechanisms, and support for multiple server routers. Use these options to create complex SPAM protection filters;

o allows users to create a mailbox.

Many companies use a Domino-based email system, even if the number of users is ten or hundreds of thousands. The following companies are listed: IBM (Domino-based internal mail only), DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Countrywide, Kemet, Kaiser Permanente.

Continued: Domino-based e-mail solutions win the trust of mid- and large-sized companies around the world due to scalability, multipatform, efficient manufacturing, reliability, secure, reasonable price / quality. The use of more than 100 million Lotus Notes and Domino licenses is the best proof of the fact.

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