Mailwasher is a software that claims to be able to help you fight email spam. Here we look at how the product works and whether it is worth the money.

E-mail can be easily downloaded from Firetrust and quickly set up. Once completed, you will see the emails on the e-mail server before downloading them. You can then choose to delete if it looks like spam. This means you never have to download another spam email to your computer.

As a practical comment, Mailwasher is very easy to use on a daily basis. Simply click on the desktop shortcut at the beginning of the calendar and tell me what e-mails are waiting for the download. They are beautifully colored green (from a friend), red (spam) or white (not classified). You can then use the software to delete spam or unwanted emails by clicking on & # 39; Process & # 39; icon. This will automatically open Microsoft Outlook so that you can download all the emails you want.

To make the program work properly, you have to set it up a bit. The most important thing is to stop Outlook checking new 10-minute e-mails and downloading them immediately. Your email client may be running in the background and will promptly alert you when a new email is received. This is an icon at the bottom of the screen and an acoustic signal (you can turn it off). Then check to see if the email is ok in your mail client before downloading it using Outlook.

It takes a long time to print the process, but is actually very fast to run. I found the software very useful and I have been using the user for about 4 years. If you have a dial-up or slow connection, Mailwasher can save you a lot of time, as it will not download anything that arrives to incoming mail.

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