Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tagged, and so on, for many reasons, are great help to make more money on the web. Here are some of them:

(1) People will know more. Personally. They see the man's side. The more you know the more you are, the more you trust in you. The more you trust in, the more you are listening to what you are offering or buying your products or services.

(2) Create your tons on your site, which will increase your site's ranking in search engines in the long run, such as Google and Yahoo. And this means quality visitors.

(3) You have a great chance of calling your name as a "trusted brand", advising and selling it hard.

(4) My networks are thousands of friends who love the things that you like. It will deliver very good traffic to your sites if you do well.

(5) And much more.

There are also some network marketing sites that pay you, usually called other Social Networking sites such as MyLot, Yuwie, PeopleString, GeoString … you name it.

So, if you have many good friends on social networking sites that do not pay you

There are two ways to earn money from social networking sites that pay:

(1) Generally what you usually do: blogging, photos uploading, uploading videos, etc.

(2) Referring to the Friends of Social Networking Sites

If you're pretty active, before you know, you can pay for your money from your electricity and internet account. And if you have more than 500 referrals and most of them are also recruiting our active friends, you can pay far more than your electric bill and internet bills.

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