Is network construction just beginning? These network funds are starting the right way. Here are the five things you need to know to get started with the network. Network Basics:

1. How do you find your contacts? Creating networks is necessary to take advantage of the benefits. Do you have a monthly or weekly event to participate in the local area? Could you start your own network event?

2nd What's in it? What are the benefits of your new relationship? Is this a transfer fee? Can you send customers the way? Can I offer a discount for your product or service? How will you follow the links? It may be as simple as a spreadsheet, making sure that you ask every customer how they found it.

Collect contact information. Make sure you collect your contact information. You don't want to wait to get in touch with you, so you can control them. And leads to my next point.

4th Keep track of and keep in touch. Take time to track new connections every week. This will build rapport and keep you in the mind when you meet someone who may require the product or service. Every Monday you can make a call, give a monthly lunch or coffee to the mix. E-mails are fine, but try not to make this connection every week. You want to talk about your passion and excitement in your voice about your product or service; Make sure your contact information is available. In most cases, it is best to have a business card. You can also request permission to add this person to Facebook, this must be done on site. The new contact must know how to contact you when you are doing business. You can even make Facebook and business cards even better. Networking in the right way is the best way to build your business in the long run and has very little cost to get in touch with. Customers usually only buy from people they know and trust.

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