Identifying the goal seems to be the biggest scandal for those who want to increase their value in this world. Why? There are so many choices to choose when we want to influence our own lives individually. Not to mention, achieving goals should go through a reasonable time, and this is a product that everyone seems to be short in these days.

So it is imperative that we will eventually set the goals. Why do we do this? In fact, this is a very logical process. The idea is that if we have our ultimate goal at the start of our business, we can reduce this goal through a given timeline with daily tasks that will help us move towards the ultimate goal. For example, you would like to sell a $ 120,000 product in the next calendar year. The next calendar year will become your timeline. It can make $ 10,000 a month. You can reduce this to $ 2,500 a week. He then translates it to $ 500 a day within a 5 business day. The price of the product is $ 100 per unit. It is worth selling at least 1 unit per day to achieve your annual goal. Then simply FOCUS your DAILY tasks around sell it to 1 unit per day. If the day-to-day tasks do NOT help you reach your daily goal, let the task drop into the priority list.

This goal definition task seems very simple and frankly. Where people tend to get short, these goals are implemented daily. You must take daily steps to reach the ultimate goal. This is the beauty of practice, if you really create the right habits for a couple of weeks, then reaching your ultimate goal will be as if you were a chauffeur and your daily tasks are of a second nature. When that happens, success will automatically feel. Now that you feel good about achieving your goal, you still have to decide what purpose you want to set. To do so, do the following:

1. Where are your interests? Brainstorm and write a list of what motivates you and what you personally pass. The passion for KEY is to stick to every plan and make the necessary results.

2nd What do you want to achieve your passion? Are you trying to create a non-profit organization? Are you trying to make a fortune with a new idea? Do you just want to get a little more income for a new buy target, investment goal, or maybe a dream vacation?

3rd Now describe those people or organizations that can help you achieve your goals. Charity Organizations? Are there organizations that help build the skills needed to promote the new idea? Is this a mentor that will help you quickly reach your goal or take the necessary action?

4th Schedule the timing to achieve this goal. How long will it take? What steps are needed to achieve this? Everything is broken down into daily tasks.

5th Write your daily tasks into a calendar so you can see what to do on a daily basis.

6th Read your ultimate goal and the tasks that you have to fill up every morning when you wake up and again before you really start the day. This will help you to strengthen your priorities on that day and "keep the ball." Achieving this goal and understanding the tasks you are going to accomplish will reach you for the ultimate goal, but creating the most important, great habits that will help you achieve your goal.

Now that you've identified your goal and broken down how to achieve this goal, we can start thinking about the piece of jigsaw networking. Networking gives you an exponential strength to reach your goals. This will happen in many ways. You may be able to give the capital you need to start a business, provide spiritual energy to help you in one aspect of your business, even helping you hire the right people to help you succeed faster. Whether networking is a key component of driving huge success, no matter what you want to achieve.

Find lesson 2 about how to start developing your network. Network development is obviously a critical step and should not be taken lightly. I'll show you how to attract anyone you want in your network, but FUNNY to be selective and take advantage of your goal to help you decide what is really important to you and why it will help them help you. Next time …

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