Networking does not necessarily mean as many events as possible. This does not necessarily mean the business card debit or the trusted database. Networking basically builds a connection network. This is about creating a support system that is both useful, viable and productive. Creating an Ideal Network requires Time, Commitment and Details

This article shares practical tips for developing and promoting quality relationships in dynamic networks.

Know your network

may have hundreds of connections online or in person, do you really know individuals in your network? Consider creating subcategories or groups of people to better manage your relationships. Of course, give certain preferences to groups that have stronger relationships and tactile points. Learn more about these individuals, their associations, and how they value you and others.

Network Placement

How to determine an active, viable and productive network? By the number of individuals? How many times do you know these individuals? Or according to the type of companies or organizations they represent? Whatever the criterion, be sure to follow when it grows and add individuals to the groups. Use a Systematic Method for Identifying, Positioning, and Assessing Process

Tap the Network

Last but not least, activate the network by accessing and meeting individuals in your groups. Offer for meeting, telephone / video chats, introductions, testimonials and leads. Be consistent in sharing resources, ideas and other information to promote personal and professional goals. You will always find feedback and support.

Use these practical and effective tips to build the right relationships that make the network successful. Upgrade the process to make it effective and effective in order to further increase your efforts.

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