I love networking and have learned through so many trips that I get the most time and interactions I get from the great diversity of people. Networking is not about meeting people, but about wisely expanding their horizons. There are some obvious basic rules:

1. Ask. Usually our network is because we want something from others. Determine what you want: customers, jobs, investments; want to learn something, clarify ideas, give advice; you want to give back, feel good, we appreciate it; and so on. If you do not know why you're networking, you will not be productive. You know what you want. If you do not know what you want, you'd rather take a coach or a party.

2nd Bid. The rule of networking is reciprocity. Other people are networking because they want something! Specify what you can give: purchases, partnerships, return on investment; expertise, advice; mentoring; you get the idea. If you do not want to give in return, do not go out. The world needs you too. If you do not know what it offers, it is also not productive (or worse, overestimated).

3rd Balance. I have real interest in people, but I have no unlimited time. I also realize that networking is not just about me. Some people take and take it desperately, or give and sell. This is not credible, and it is strangely boring. I will do my best to keep the balance, but I will not handle the situation.

However, there are unscripted rules in excel:

4. Enjoy! Even if you're ready, you're open to surprises. Network protection provides immunity. Listen. Try to keep your internal conversations. We do not have to agree or disagree with what others say, let's ask why. If Ford followed people's conversations, he would have been horses breeding, not manufacturing cars.

5th Mag. You never see the impact of your relationship on the spot. Use a network event to plant the seeds and reconnect later. This is a starting point. Make notes about the people you meet on their cards to remember details.

6th Be authentic. Do not be overly or criticize, you are not judging or judging but revealing. You do not have to like everyone or like everyone else. Be proud of your achievements and humble the challenges.

Like everything else in life, practice is perfect … You do not have to be better than anyone but better than you … I'm seeing you in the net

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