Business networking is not an accurate science. Maximize the benefits of networking and use some of the key principles to prevent potential problems, but the most important rule in the network should be yourself. Others react much more positively to authentic behaviors than a rigid business person; After all, the network is about building trust, which is the basis for lasting and beneficial relationships. Some Things to Remember in Networking:

What to Do: Major Network Errors

o Do not ignore redirects: track your network connections as quickly as possible; all delays are unjustified and discriminatory.

o Do not push your product or service: Networking and direct sales are two very different things.

o Do not abuse your relationship: Be forward and honest in business relationships. The company's reputation is in line.

o Do not rely solely on the Internet: track your online contacts with more traditional personal meetings.

o Do not let it stand idle: practice, even introverted people can be self-confident. The world of opportunity is waiting for you!

What to do: Simple Strategies for Network Success

o Find out what benefits you are offering and what you want. Create a "career" that briefly describes what your business is doing and will be able to explain the potential benefits of your products / services. Again you can tell what you are looking for.

o Be Presented: Your Appearance and Behavior Represent Your Business.

o Prepare to exchange business cards: Always keep your card in hand. After exchanging cards, the description of the other person and the description of their position on the back of the cards may be helpful.

o Branch out: Get acquainted with as many members as possible with our network circles.

This list is by no means exhaustive; contacting other business professionals develops social strategies that work for you.

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