When you've been in the network marketing industry, you've seen many different ways to network marketing business. Most of MLM's business growth strategies are grouped around the list of names and hot lists that are friends and families.

Listen to people in your company say that you can not sell this product, just let them try your product and make a decision. When we introduced the products to people, I always felt like I was selling it, no matter how I introduced the products. When you tell people about a product you have not even asked, I feel like selling it no matter how it appears. In this business model you set people rejecting people, and there are some who are ok, but not many. Many people are relinquishing this way of building business in a very short time.

I feel it is best to tell people the opportunity after they have been asked because people are more willing to listen if they first asked. In this new marketing mode, you can present the story after you have asked for the information. So many people are looking for information and they will hear what they have to say when they read their data. You might get great results with the add-on you're taking and want to tell others about the product. In this new marketing mode, you want to tell them the results you have achieved and then ask them what you are getting to achieve the results. After you've asked for your results, you can tell them which product is being taken and listened to because you are interested in getting the results.

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