If we take a hundred people who graduate from university or university and follow them through their career, the 45-year plan is done following their career: what happens to them: 63% depends on the family or from the state (Dead Broke)

o 4% good (meet their needs and do not require charity)

o 1% wealthy (Lifestyle)

This system is just now living with the concluded market research. This economy is broken! Why is this the case? We have a university system that teaches you how to become a collective worker! You go to school and teach, work and work in the 45-year plan, then retire, and you will live in gold age depending on other people. What a wonderful concept!

Let's look at this a bit further. When you work as an employee, your employer has a leak in your time. They have to pay £ 18,000 and sell at £ 24,000. The company, the franchise, the restaurant, regardless of whether you have any money on the entity / business. You live the so-called – TIME 4 CASH. The more time you spend on your employer, the more money you have. The less time you spend on the employer, the less money you have. You work 8 hours to pay 8 hours. You work for 4 hours, you pay 4 hours. If you are not working there, you get nothing but LINIER income. You work safely! And maybe a lot of work you can not enjoy. Even if you are a very paid consultant, you can still be considered as 4 Money Traps. If that is the case then read it.

So what's the answer?

There is an industry that creates more millionaires than any other industry. It is a growth sector that is likely to be located in any other area of ​​sales. In the past few years, £ 50 billion has been spent on selling the most advanced technologies, services, and products that would never have made the traditional business marketing method. What is this industry? Network Marketing. You can say, "Oh, no, not MLM!" and turn your eyes around, but ask yourself this question: "Am I completely satisfied with my lifestyle today and it gives me the opportunity to work for half of the year and the other half for intensive holidays?" If the answer is NOT, then you should seriously look at this business.

Network Marketing relocates products and services from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer through the most effective advertising method: personal recommendation or "oral cavity". What are you doing if a friend has a good movie and they tell you, you watch the movie? Now what will happen if your buddy has paid an office each time someone said he was going to see the movie and he would say more about the movie! I think you want to know about it, do not you? We do this in this business.

Is not pyramid sales? Be sure to relax.

Pyramid sales or Ponzi programs are now illegal and have been in existence for many years, pyramid trade is linked to cheating where people are encouraged to join the cash game and there are no legal products, usually a thousand pounds. And the money paid came from the admission fee of the victims who came in. People in whom the left feeling was dull and bitter and avoided the things that make a sense of these scams

What is the concept of a pyramid?

Are people on top of all the money and the people below? In fact, no one pays any money without using the products and the end-users. Let's take a typical company where the CEO or MD is on top, he is in the first order of management, the directors have the first bidders and each of them has supervisors, and the supervisors have a number of employees who do all the work! Who Makes Most Money in the Organization? Each typical organization has a pyramid structure.

What is a typical network?

In a typical network marketing organization, we encourage you to create a network of distributors who have the same opportunity as you to make the same or more money than you are. Therefore, not everyone is most likely to use the most money at the summit. This is a marketing system where you can go from below and reach the highest level and become one of the most advanced companies in your business by building your own business. Promotion is generally aimed at encouraging distributors within your organization to reach a promotion that is totally opposed to the corporate world where promotion generally attacks the company's higher positions. That is why you are in the WIN-WIN position for every network marketing company.

The Distribution Revolution!

There is a business paradigm shift that changes how a product reaches the end user. To get to know the concept, you must first understand the traditional business method. The following illustration shows the traditional distribution method and the new method:

At all levels of the old traditional distribution model, gains on the product that ever reach the end user will have to be gained. It is said to buy a box of grain in a supermarket, say £ 1.75 for the actual food price of about 10p. Thus, 1.65 pounds are wasted on the traditional distribution method and some on the packaging.

This new distribution model liberates a lot of money. And it eliminates warehouses, wholesalers, retailers, and advertising budgets that companies spend millions of pounds. Money wasted in the old distribution model now goes into two areas: 1. You are a distributor and 2. Product research and development.

You will see the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art products that I would never market, except through Network Marketing. Why is this? Because they have money for research and development and for distribution forces who are not necessarily familiar with the products.

Market Trends

This business shift revolutionizes distribution as we know it today. There are three main trends that are growing and you will see that you will change our business and our eternal life.

These trends are:

o Home and Home Jobs

o Home Store

o Distribution Revolution

Did you know every ten seconds for someone to open a home business? This is the business position to take advantage of the above tendencies we are talking about. The home shop is one of the world's biggest trends where the consumer allows what he gets. You buy online, enter a credit card number and get commodities and services.

The Distribution Revolution – the Credibility of Network Marketing.
Network Marketing in Siker Magazine is "the most effective way for the consumer". Companies such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, AT & T, IBM, SHARP, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive now sell some or all of their products through Network Marketing channels. These companies are firm proof of the industry's success and credibility. And over the next ten years, the industry is giving more and more products and services to end-users.

So what does it mean to you?

With a consistent effort, the network marketing industry model can deliver average personal wealth over a 2-4 year period. If you have a network marketing business running 7 to 10 hours a week, you can double up or even triple your earnings within two years. You can create a productive income where you can pay for past work for the past. If you are willing to retire for a period of 2-4 years, then this business is for you! One of the most important benefits of this business is that it can have an unlimited income potential. Yes, UNLIMITED INCOME! Complete financial independence from Rat Race as we know.

What does your remaining income mean to you?

If you were a million pounds in the bank, you are now paying a generous 5% interest that you will pay a million pounds a poisonous £ 50,000 a year. Yeah, I'm saying he's cruel. How big is the pension fund? If you put 50,000 pounds in a job, you have to pay a million pounds to retire to retire on the same income at 65. Shocking! I bet that the most not even more than 5000 pounds are 35, not a mill! Alternatively, if you have spent two years in a Network Marketing business that pays 5,000 pounds a month to PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME, you can proudly say, "You have a Million Pound Business" and you should not lift your finger! Positive Monthly Checkout every month for you and your family to enjoy!

So how can you make your money?

There are two ways to earn money, where 1 small business and 2 are big business models.

first Professional marketing is a product for small businesses for retail and business.

2nd Create a great deal of business where distributors receive leveraged paid revenue from the rights of the network. Your revenue comes from emerging entrepreneurs in the groups who take advantage of the efforts of each level.

The power of leverage time!

What is the maximum amount of time you can work within a week? If you work six days a week 24 hours a day, you can get 144 hours of productive work. It's hard! Let's see it differently. If there are 50 employees in 50 organizations who work part-time every 7 hours a week, they get 350 hours of productivity every week. This is 206 hours more than you could spend 24 hours a week daily six days a week !!! Does this seem fair? It's totally fair. This is what the rich know and do!

John Paul Getty, a billionaire, quoted: "I'd rather have 1% of my 100% profits instead of 100% of my own effort." He understood the concept of leverage. And we do this in this business. We support many of our business-building efforts to create a revenue for all people in which we're getting the business.

These are the consequences of producing very profitable and very profitable. We have distributors who literally produce 80 and 90 percent profit margins. They literally earn tens of millions of pounds if they are built as a profitable business and can be sold. There are distributors all over the world who literally produce 5, 6 and 7 years of monthly income !! He says, "7 digits a month!" It's a mill! Although this is exceptionally exceptional, it certainly is not unprecedented.

My suggestion is for you to take this industry right away and learn the routes. Study the fabulous business of great characters and find out what they did.

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