Networking plays an integral role in our business building environment and is true for professional service providers as well as printers, web designers, coaches, etc.

Maybe it was not always the case, but there is a growing need for professionals to see in the proverbial market.

Networking can help you do this and implement it strategically, can result in a positive ROT (return in time).

more efficient business network

Not all groups are equal . We all know that the time allocated to networking should not hinder the ability to manage customers, so it is essential to pay close attention to network events and groups. There are groups that consist of nice individuals, simply not being effective in practice. Choose carefully and participate as a guest at several meetings or events before you are committed.

Reciprocity is key . There is a network slogan that says "givers get", and while not 100% accurate (which?!), You can count on getting more leads if you actually do them. Do not become "branded" to someone who is more than happy to be at the end of the introduction, but never put them back. If you go online and become successful, you have to be a "proactive" donor.

Staying on the network means the difference between success and failure. Steps to events and events are just half the story. Tracking these network connections and staying on the network is the second important part of the puzzle. It was never "far from sight, mind", so it is true. It must remain visible when and when an appropriate introduction can take place, the supreme mind will receive and receive it.

Order a plan. As we know that getting to network meetings and events can be extremely time consuming, more important is to make a plan about what you want to do and who you want to meet when you are at the event. Are you sure you can get into the room and know the participants, but is it really worth getting around and talking to them when new people meet? Do you really want to talk about the whole evening to a man, although discounting seems particularly arduous? Get ready for "play" (networking) and you have a much better chance of getting positive results

Tracking. Collect these cards, but don't place them in the drawer somewhere. Take the time and keep up with the meetings and meet them in time

It takes time for billable hours to participate in network events. The network will effectively and surely see you increase your billable hours and return on your returns.

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