My friend, Breanne Potter, author of the MBTI Blog, has done a recognized, non-scientific survey of MBTI's preferences on Twitter. Not surprising, or maybe, there are more introverts than the extroverts there. For the introvert, we can simply be there because we can eventually control as much or as little as we can; behind the scenes just for us and for our computer, the perfect company. But social networking, beyond our perfect networking location, means more than ours.

first This is my experience that many people are introverting the blog. We really love writing whether people are reading what we are blogging or not. But if you're introverted by blogging as part of your marketing strategy, you want people to read! Using feeds such as Twitterfeed to announce your latest blog to all your community sites, and even to (which will automatically update updates to many social sites), consider the time and energy to get even more . Continue what you love, write; then they know more easily that people know what they are writing – approx. 60 seconds more effort. Anyone can catch the time trap by spending too much time on the internet. To protect yourself against the online trap, use your introverted strength as your design. Clarify your online reach, schedule to reach this, identify your highest return activities that you can make at the scheduled time and measure your success. Spring from the Trap

3. Do not just read online tips, like these articles. You can be sure I offer you tips on a solid basis that is too many to say, successful years in business sales and management. But just the tips just like the Cliffsnotes. Tip articles can best be attended by a deeper discussion, a book or a longer report, or you can do a job with an expert. Tweets will be better for this.

4th You do not have to associate the tribes online when you're introverted. Introverts are more interested in what is happening inside; deep and wide. Depending on the online target, more followers may be able to reach the Dunbar number: the number of people most of whom have a reliable relationship is about 150. I'm not sure introverts are high but this is a point link. Think about it before deciding on your friend or following anyone who asks.

5th Introverte sometimes forgot to check our ideas with others. Online social networks make it easy for us to get external responses. In general, we can ask or ask the Dunbar number. For example, you can post a question within the LinkedIn group or start a discussion or identify something. No matter how you log in with others, it's easier on social networks without paying much attention.

Social networks seem to introverts to shine, even rules, ideas, and then decide to be deeper, and talk over time and space aloud with our ideas.

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