Do you feel emotional when you enter a foreign man in a networked event? You did not go any further. A survey showed that about 75 percent of people feel uncomfortable at business and social events. Perhaps this is because our parents have always told us that we do not talk to strangers with young people.

But the reward for network connections can be intense. The network does not touch and run – it meets someone, exports business cards, and connects to the next person. It is about building sincere, honest relationships. This is a continuous process that connects you with people living in all areas of life.

Here are 10 action tips to help you network:

1. Learn about network skills. The most successful networks are not born this way. They learn the skills of networking because they know that rewards will increase in business and relationships that will help them build their business.

2nd Think of networking like building long-term relationships rather than selling them on-site.

3rd Be accessible and friendly. You attract people. Smile, eye contact and people's approach. They will be grateful that they have taken the first step and are happy to talk to you.

4th It works like a host, even if you are a guest. Offer to help people in the bathroom or check the jacket. Treat them as you would at home.

5th Always follow. Nothing happens unless you follow it, and not many people interfere with the first step. Take the time to send a handwritten card or a note or e-mail. Or pick up the phone and call. So few people do this to stand out in the crowd.

6th Think about how you will introduce yourself. Create memorable tags to help people remember for you and your company.

7th Plan the conversation before leaving the house by thinking of interesting topics for people you will encounter. Think about the event and how to build on a conference or site theme.

8th Carefully listen to people and pick up the topics. Find out what interests people and what their problems are. So you can find out if you can help them or people in the network

9. Think of yourself as a solution finder and not a sales person. Not everyone can use your product or service, but people you know may often refer to your friends and collections. Its goal is to establish long-term relationships that lead to a larger customer circle.

10th Be fun and entertaining at your network event. You attract people and make a great impression.

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