Are you surprised to learn that most business people do not have a 30-second ad space (called lift talk)? During my journeys, even the highest standards did not make any variations to meet those questions when asked the old question: "What are you doing?"

Not only is it cautious but really vital that you can easily and quickly describe what you are doing and who your target audience is not the occasion. The 30-second ad is intended to tell you who you are, whose company and what you are doing. In addition, it puts one or more questions on energy, makes an energy statement that shows how it can help others, and ultimately why the prospect is now taking action.

Tips for Personal Advertising

Follow your plan. When writing a business plan, it prepares the summary because it can not effectively summarize something you have not yet thought. The same is true for your personal ads. First, write your personal business plans. Then paste your personal ad for your mission and the timetable you want to achieve.

It is worth remembering. In addition to the need to exchange convenience, you tell others what you do for two reasons: you may need your services or know others who need their services. In both cases, one has to remember enough to tell them to find out when you need it. To make a personal business memorable:

o Use energetic words that want more!

o Do not use the industry jargon without absolutely being necessary.

o Talk about benefits … "I help lawyers get more business from existing customers."

o Speak slowly, audible and clear.

o If possible, personalize it – eg. A trademark attorney who expresses concern about cyber squatters can say, "I protect companies from cyber squatters," and I'm a trademark attorney.

Just keep it. Test your personal ad for a seven-year-old. If you do not understand what you're doing, you have to do the editing.

There are several versions. The level of detail given with a cocktail is often different from the part that is provided at the customer meeting. You must have at least two (preferably three versions) of your 30-second ad. The first version is fast – maybe one or two sentences. The second version as long as there are one or two paragraphs and the information in the first version needs to be expanded. For example, you can expand your responsibilities or explain in more detail what the company does. The third version may contain one or two minutes, and may include additional explanations of the second version, key clients, case studies, and other relevant information for the current audience.

The primary purpose of the 30-second ad

To develop a series of sentences that take 10 to 30 seconds to understand how customers value business and life. The goal is not to tell the other what he is doing. They have to be guarded not to say, "So what!" – There is something like that already. "They're all set up." Egypt "Goodbye!"

30 seconds commercial sketch

Name and address … Hi, my name is Honoree Corpron, Visionary, Business Strategist and Performance Coach.

Name of the company … My company is Honoree Enterprises.

Creatively, tell me what you're doing … I work with CEOs, top-level professionals, and entrepreneurs to achieve a 60-80% less time-dumping growth than they would be.

Put the Power Question … Would not it be good to have more goals in the next 12 months than you could do in the next decade?

Insert the Power Statement (how it helps) … I think I can help you. Let's be together to discuss your methods and strategies in business to help you be the most effective and effective while keeping your balance in your life.

Why do you have to make a prospect … Do you want to schedule a brainstorming session or have lunch or coffee to see if I can help you?

Creating 30 Seconds of Trade. First, you can list five ways for customer development: & # 39; save money or money and / or help them get more of what they want. Then he lists the five reasons people are doing business with you. Combine the most important items in the 30-second shop.

Power Questions

Power Question entitles you to view and set your response. Use these five questions when writing Power Questions in 30 Seconds of Advertising:

1. What information do I want to receive from the question?

2nd Do I have the prospects as a result of this question?

3rd Do you need more questions to find the information you need?

4th Do my questions ask the prospects?

5th Can I ask a question that separates my competitor?

Here are some introductions to the Power Issues that highlight the areas of need:

o What are you looking for …?

o What did you find …?

o What was your experience …?

o How do you suggest …?

o How did you successfully use it …?

o How to determine …?

o Why is the deciding factor …?

o What do you choose …?

o What is the only thing that you would improve …?

o Is there another factor …?

o What does the competitor do …?

o How are your customers responding …?

o How are you doing now?

o What are you doing to keep …?

o How often do you contact us …?

o What are you doing to ensure …?

Use some of the above, if necessary, make a list of the 25 Power Questions that are thinking about the brochure and provide the information you need:

Combining all the necessary items with 30 seconds of trading and Power Questions will help to attract more customers and customers you want to work with – and you will know exactly why you should contact them right away.

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