What methods can you use for networking? Some of the methods for networking and communication are:

o face-to-face conversation and / or interviews
o conversation on the phone with one voice and conference call
o letter writing / letter writing / memoir / sending and forwarding a card with a swig
o Preparing, Sending and Receiving Faxes
o Internet Mail, Sending and Receiving Email Messages
o talking teleconferencing, video conferencing and webcams
o communication between text messages on Palm Pilots, BlackBerries and mobile phones
o communication between chat rooms, web logs (blogs) and instant messaging

Network Lists

Not bad if you have three networking colleges from where you work. The most important criterion is that networking colleges are quality references. In other words, you can only communicate a limited number of network connections and maintain your career. Here it is very important that relationships are quality relationships … those who help and vice versa.

See an endless list of networking collections, but you only want to cultivate and maintain quality relationships in your career and life in just ten. These people trust you will meet regularly, contact phone / email in your career, and will be interrelated with reference texts and job references.

List as detailed as necessary to help you effectively in the future. Keep in mind: if networking is only one way, then there is nothing. There must be a mutually beneficial relationship.

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