Networking is a core skill for many people. And in corporate America, you can do or break your career. Developing the skills of good people is not always easy. In some cases, you may need to adjust your behavior to match your circumstances. But more importantly, ignoring this ability is like running the machine without proper maintenance; they eventually break.

Studies reflect that many people use informal networks to make progress. Others say networking is just another word about "How to play the game". In my opinion, networking learns the art of good people's abilities. This is a clear representation of his personality. Many leaders say they are talking to lounges in a less formal, social atmosphere. Because it enables them to see the real person.

Successful professionals have good network knowledge. Some networking knows what's important. But more accurately, you will know who the important people are. These skills are relevant to marriage, social groups, workplace or everyday situations.

Leaders' interpersonal skills can determine whether people are willing to follow him. Communication style can make any difference in the world. What you say – or you can not say it can affect the morale of employees. In today's workplace, non-verbal messages may also affect the bottom line.

From the point of conflict, networking has been the source of wealth and power since the beginning of time. Egypt Joseph (Old Testament) used his networking skills to explain Pharaoh's ideas. As a result, it increased the richness of ancient Egypt. Machiavelli used networking to master the art of combating war and management. During this he was able to stay in power for many years. Networking has become an everyday part of today's business environment.

With regard to networking and personality, I want to leave an important metaphor. This is the illustration of "foxes and lions". In natural terms, lions are considered strong and powerful. They move in the jungle freely. Lions often remind the autocratic leaders who use their powers to get what they want. The only time they act in a reasonable way when they are located in the middle of a very powerful power (who are distributing them).

On the other hand, foxes rely on their "wisdom". They survive because they are aware of the danger. They are small in size but are rather overweight. The foxes are moving cautiously in the woods. They remind intelligent leaders who are together with all people (regardless of rank). These leaders respect the mighty leaders. At the same time, they respect the officials and the cleaning of the people.

I was a member of the chess team at college. And after these years I still remember our coach (who was in the game master). Do not be fooled – I was more educated than me. But I used the master's advice to win. He has always taught us to play the "situation and strategy". We have recognized the recognition of chess elements on the board (no matter how small). This approach helped me see the big picture. Quite frankly, chess is not too far apart from networking.

To be able to network effectively, you need to "see" the big picture. Networking starts from within – this is what people think. A positive self-image begins with you. This will affect how people interact with others. Everyone must respect his condition. Help others to do this. Be resourceful – share your knowledge. This can be useful to many people.

In doing so, generosity is worth its gold weight. Also, you never know how other people can help you. As my grandfather said "what's going on around him," he goes away. "

In summary, it is very important for leaders to understand the benefits of a strong network and the good people's skills, but it is equally important not to use their power, but the best leaders are always trying to create a positive culture, and maintain respect for others and self-esteem. 19659002] In the bottom line, the secret of networking helps other people. Remember the power and wisdom metaphor – better than a fox like a lion

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