Networking is probably the oldest, simplest, most effective
and the least costly solution.
does not necessarily include the sale of a product or service
but it includes sales. However, this does not include a lot of speech – it involves many silences.

Networking is about communicating with people and building a network of meaningful relationships.

Good relationships means that these people are
with you and / or recommend it to others.
These people are your sales sales strengths and you
need to make sure you do a good job.

Here are 9 steps for successful networking:

# 1 Get Ready – Especially when you are in a formal
network event such as the Chamber of Commerce.

# 2 Think about what you will encounter – consider what your opening remarks or questions will be
. And think about what you will say when you question it.

# 3 Make sure you have a bunch of business cards, a small notebook, and a pen – These should be easy to access and do not have to be confused with a bag or bag.

Reminder – DO NOT go anywhere without business cards

# 4 No need for brochures – they can be tracked later.
The network event is not a place
to sell the product or service.
People who have bored me over the years over the years

# 5 Think about what he will wear – I see people
rush to
for a nightgown event that looks like
that they slept.

If this means changing clothes in the office or
going home for the upgrade, then do so. Do not forget that the image you presented to another person
is your picture with which your business is

Men should wear a light tie (not cheap), and women
must be something clear. Keep in mind, however – that the business suit
is not sexy.

# 6 Personal Hygiene – Brush the Tooth or Breath
refreshing. I met people in network events about the breath of a rhinoceros under fifty feet. Avoid wine (19459002) or coffee; they can loosen their breath. Insist on mineral
for water or refreshment.

# 7 Watch out for perfume – Both men and women, strong
scents can be overweight.

# 8 Name badges – Probably they are handed over to
event, though they think they've made their own. They
are not costly to manufacture and mean that you can ensure that the badge
is the desired badge. (The organizers of the conference
often get the details of the badges badly) Paste the badge
into the
right puller – easier to read to people.
Most people will shake hands with their right hand. As
held a forward hand, this means that the other
person can easily read the badge.

# 9 Go With Your Partners – Buy a Friend or a Team for a Network Event
. As long as you are there, alternately separate you and you get together. When you see your partner with someone, go up and let your partner introduce themselves. Your partner
presents you with a predetermined benefit
. Something like this – "This friend, Mary Smith
helps business people find more customers by improving their networking skills." Then it will be easier for you
to create more connections.

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