Although many different network groups and events may be involved, some of the best networking may occur within the organization. For the interior design of the profile and the reputation and the "one in the zoo" you should understand, it is worth taking the time to get to know the surrounding people. Here are some suggestions for action that you can try to increase your internal networking skills.

Volunteering for the Social Committee . Every business (large or small) has a social committee (sometimes informal) designed to create fun activities to get acquainted with the staff. Get some of this to help the team create some fun and energy at work. Arrange different events – some cost-cutting money, others are free, those that include family members or partners, and those who engage in outdoor activities, ie a corporate picnic – can all meet in a park, provide their own meals, sports equipment, and have fun. This activity allows others to meet your extended family and help you learn more about you. If you really want to keep those you work with, organize an event where you can meet people every week and participate in ten tennis courts or movies. Selecting the weekend means people do not give up on the weekend. At Christmas, arrange an event that will help your love for collecting gifts or tin food to donate to the needy.

Arrange a self-developing session for a lunchtime . Define a topic that you and your colleagues are interested in, and simply invite someone to your organization to give you a short presentation that gives you time to answer questions and answers. You do not have to pay for this person; They can be internal experts. Choose someone who is an expert in your field. Set up a meeting to organize the meeting to have time when people meet each other, release 20 minutes to the presentation, 10 minutes to the questions, and a few minutes in the end to continue chatting with the staff.

Start Friday afternoon with drinks after work . We recommend completing your team at 5.00 on Friday afternoon and everyone will meet at a local bar or cafe. Invite other teams you work with to join you. Meeting between 5.00-18.00, so it is not late in the evening and still allows people to meet other Friday's vows. Choose a central location close to the office and make a regular event. After a month, you'll gain momentum and people will know you're there and join him when they leave the office.

Organization of a lunchtime sports team . This is a great way to get in touch with team building and team building. Make a notification or send an e-mail asking you to be interested and then a team, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, and soccer teams, is fun and easy to organize. Find an oval, park or gym close to the office you can use, and you can set regular times and days each week. This is a great way to get fresh air and exercise during networking. You may want to get everyone to donate money and organizing a team to wear T-shirts, and your organization has some that you can use!

Keep a quarterly morning forum and call the CEO . Meet the CEO's personal assistant and advise them to invite the CEO to a quarter-hour breakfast where they can meet with the team and answer questions. If you receive PA's approval, book the next quarter's date and look for a suitable location (preferably close to the office). Everyone pays for their own breakfast, so they do not cost the company money. Get ready for a cafe at the office or in-house meals if you have it and start at 7:30 am and finish at 8.45. This allows people to meet, ask the CEO questions, and attend meetings.

Find out (or start) a mentor program . Identify the people you want to study within the organization and mentor them for nearly 6 months. If the organization already has a mentoring program, log in and participate.

Enter the company newsletter . I recommend that you submit articles or updates to your internal newsletter. This is a great way to cooperate with the production team (who are often volunteers looking for the content of the newsletter).

Take part in a charity . Choose a descriptive charity organization and arrange events at the company to raise money for them. If so, then the company already has a charity system; invite someone from your organization to update your collections of suggestions to help you further. This can be an entertaining way to help others and help you get acquainted with the people you work with. Make an annual event if something special, eg. Red nose or day of daffodil.

Keep a brown bag & # 39; seminar at lunchtime . Invite everyone to have their own lunch; you can invite a loudspeaker to provide information to the team. Topics can be important to outdoor life, ie health, fitness, family, or some way to provide added value to the staff. Topics can come from our colleagues – ask for suggestions. You can keep them monthly and leave time on the agenda to meet at least two other people with other organizational units. Promote it on billboards, email, and bathrooms (you will be surprised how many people read the information in the bathroom).

Organizational cross-reference group events . Get acquainted with other teams in your business while you have tea in the morning and ask the other team to explain what they are doing in the business and the challenges they face and that we will do the same. This is a great way to find others and share what you are working with.

Start a book club . Find some people who are interested in similar books, set up a book for two months. If this is an Australian author, ask them to join one of their assemblies to learn more about the book and why they are writing. Most lovers meet their readers. When you meet, talk about what you learn from the book, what you think about the style of writing, and what the book really liked.

Enter a Project Team . Find opportunities for work within your project with your team and other organizational units. Make sure the operator is eligible to participate. This is a great way to learn from networks and from others.

Offered by MC . If you have a conference or event, offer your services to be the master (or lover) of the ceremonies. This will help you meet with other organizations, external experts who can be invited as part of the event and help to showcase their profile.

Enter your contact with your staff . If you meet someone in another class, always offer your card. This will give them your contact information if you want to contact them again.

Get the most out of getting to know people you work with takes time to find out what you are doing and how to work together to achieve your goals.

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