General business wisdom is that networking is the key to success. Even in an online social network, most people are still in touch with the old fashioned way – face to face.

But what if a small businessman is also shy? Lost business failure while less timid competitors gain attention and seize customers?

Do not let shame keep the success of networking. Understand these five pitfalls to overcome triggers and strategies.

# 1 trigger – It raises the fear of not knowing what to expect.

  • Get up early and help volunteer; take the role of official greeting or registrar. This is the purpose and the meaning of power; have to talk to people and make sure they have a contact list and know where to find the bathrooms. This interrupts the ice and facilitates the initiation of conversations.

# 2 Trigger – Pity brings you too much to focus too much on yourself.

  • Reduce your fears by concentrating on making others more comfortable. Point to the head of the table itself in your mind. Sit on an empty table or table with a man. Introduce yourself. When the next person arrives, show it to the person who is already sitting there and you yourself. Stb. That means they'll see you as the "leader" at the table. People naturally include their conversation.

# 3 trigger – Shyness feels like being an outsider.

  • Volunteering to be in a committee. It's a little talk, and it's easier to think about things to say. In addition, people show you how much skill they are doing and feel safe to be offered to others.

4. striking – You feel the fearful feeling of putting pressure on reasoning.

  • Come on. Before the event enters three open questions, you may ask others to receive a conversation. Many feel that they are putting pressure on social situations because they think they should be entertaining. In reality, people are hungry for a good audience. If you are too shy to talk, but you can listen well, you can be a popular dating site.

# 5 trigger – The fears are felt by other people being judged.

  • Talk to someone or something else about yourself. Shyness has much to do with self-awareness. Someone who can not talk about you finds words that are flowing fluid when you talk about something that is passionate about.

Eliminating shyness begins with recognizing the triggering situations. Handling these triggers will predefine the successful network of successful and lightweight networks.

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