My first myth. Only a few people (rarely) are uncomfortable with strangers. The fact that everyone is uncomfortable with strangers. Probably we probably blame our parents for that. (Always a comfortable trick). From the cradle we taught that "do not talk to aliens" for very good security reasons. But we have been delivered to our adult lives and it really does not matter that it is the occasion, most of us really have the time to walk and meet with someone we do not know.

This is certainly happening on social occasions. Have you ever been a party with multiple groups of people? You know, friends, friends of ours and maybe friends of sports clubs. And, in the course of the party, they stay in 3 different groups, each with the eyes facing the other, if someone is interesting, collecting the courage to "cross the line". Really so stupid, right?

Similar things happen in business network events. He sees the newcomers (who no one knows) relying on the wall, drinking in the hands, like the deer in the headlights. You see the "old hands" together, but seemingly chatting with their own little clicks with the people they obviously know. And there are some courageous souls who circulate in the room.

So how do you meet new people?

The solution. Just do it. Honestly, this is really a trick.

Try an experiment. Go to someone you do not know (anywhere) and welcome them. Do not you bite your head, roar, flee to the bathroom, wash their hands, look disgusted? NO! Of course not. In fact, especially if they are standing and interacting with someone, they are probably grateful for someone approaching them.

The next step is the whole networking. Get to know them, ask yourself questions and more. You have a good chance to meet an interesting person. Think about it. You would not have met them if you did not just want to bite the bullet and go up to them. Hopefully he talked well, met an interesting man, maybe there was something in common. Now what? Repeat.

Meeting new people should be enjoyable, not some awesome obstacles to defeating. Part of the nervousness is that you are putting yourself into being yourself, your company, and your products. You need to see if your services are available. Well, stop it! Really, cut it out.

The cause of networking is not sales; is about establishing and building relationships. So we have to take a deep breath and understand that when you first meet someone you should not "sell" or "research", you just get to know each other, get in touch and find out what you're doing and so on. And the biggest, coolest trick in the book …


Ask them what they are doing. Ask them where they live. Ask them how they like their work. Ask them what they are interested in. Ask them to clarify something if you do not understand. Ask.

People like to talk about themselves, especially if they are interested. So ask him! You're not on the hook. You are not on the spot to "give answers", you get the chance to know someone and the conversation is naturally natural.

And there will be a conversation. Sometimes they ask you about it, so you still have to talk to yourself and talk. And who knows, as mentioned earlier, that you may have a common interest, even if you have to work together. But the primary goal is to introduce ourselves and get to know them.

Wow! Is your voice a bit lighter?

I'm a strong extrovert; I'm really an outgoing guy. But even a difficult time I learned this, and sometimes I sometimes have trouble with an event and just start. But I happened to be a business trainer and help people. When I see the only person, that is something I can little help. So I'm leaving, introducing myself and asking what they are doing. And the conversation goes out. I know so many people in this way. I have often been able to introduce a newborn and introduce them to someone who has a common interest. This network and life. Looking back on one of my great things in my work, I meet a wide range of people who have a wide range of practitioners and experience. It is inspiring me to know more. And what a great place.

So go ahead, say hi. Get to know you and ASK. It can be fun and great in time. And who knows who the next person you met could be a college, one of the doors of your next job, a client, a nurse, a friend. And he'll go with you.

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