Did you ever think that when you're connected, do I often give you information? Any information that by their very nature may be own property? If you have not considered this yet, this is what networking is the biggest tiger trap you need to take care of.

What you say can be used on the market and will be used against you. Do not forget that the competition can really be very hard and lose the lips. Does this mean you need an alternative strategy? No, just watch what you say. In fact, you remember the thing your grandparents say; Have two ears and one mouth, so use them in this proportion?

I can say over the years that during my casual conversations with my competitors I really had a lot of money. Too often you see someone telling me something about a competitor or someone you know in my work on a network party.

In fact, I listened and asked a few questions, and the amount of information I could achieve with such a small effort was wonderful. Of course, the flip side happens. That these people are telling you about your race too. Consider this in 2006.

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