It has been an important element of commerce since the ages to create the partnerships with the best people and the best people in which mutual benefit was served.

And trust in these relationships is often the acid test of what progress we have achieved, especially in the early stages.

Although it's recommended by others, it's usually a good sign, and for the first time you meet someone, it's often the first time I'm giving it to you, literally.

So, would it be nice to know some easy steps to make the new relationship go well?

Of course. So here are ten tips to help you on the road.

Imagine that this is the first conversation you want to see with someone on your site. These little steps, as you speak and listen to them, will make a huge difference …

1. Listen well and listen.

Taking them into account, they immediately feel and appreciate. This is critical to them being worth the time and effort. The question of courtesy. When someone else speaks, this is the right thing, patiently listen and inquire.

2nd You're more interested in people than yourself.

It's almost impossible to fully accomplish, and if you do well and show how well you are, you love people better than you do. And in the big picture, seeing this as a way to care for your own interests is far more wise than short-term actions.

3rd You keep your promises and do what you say.

Always anticipating what you say you will do – and then you will be much more attractive to most people. "Reliable", "Reliable" & # 39; and "done", there will be words that describe how others see you and how you are.

4th You are a great friend when you need others.

Although this requires some trouble (or choosing your life for your life from other people's problems), there is a great opportunity for others. Their demands are often listened to, so they need someone to talk to. If you are good and help them find solutions to their own problems (they do not always find a solution for them), they will thank you and appreciate it.

5th Share your resources and present your friends with each other.

Where a resource can be shared, the network is built on a shared support and resource pool. I can not imagine how many times I've been able to help someone with something I can and I can share. And I know I can call others now to help me too!

6th You are not critical but very objective (fact-based) when dealing with others.

It is easier to help others if they stick to fact rather than assumptions, assumptions, judgments, and opinions. Hey, there's nothing wrong with them – in fact we all use them in the life of our whole life. Only when you apply it directly to someone else to find that you are in a hurry and make the connection difficult.

7th Less talk than listen (see here a sample!).

This is an old and very wise concept. You have two ears and one mouth when you want the best connection for you, then use them in this proportion. You will be struggling to build a business or career relationship (or another in the case) when you think of yourself. People want to hear and are prepared to give a lot to someone who hears them. This is your role.

8th You give time to others when you say you're going to.

There is nothing worse worse than people who say they will be there and they will not – or they will be erased at the last minute. If you say you will do something; meet someone; answer something, then do it. As you become more aware of the times you miss, you will see the steps you need to take to avoid repetition. This learning will shape how well it performs.

ninth She says "yes" when you can. And there is no & # 39; if you can not.

Sometimes when we try to make relationships work, we accept things that make us uncomfortable; or we know that we will fight; Egypt regrets. In these cases, there may be a better decrease in the first place. Did not say & # 39; sometimes better than & # 39; yes & # 39; Conversely, if someone offers you to help or do something for you, you are ready to tell ' sometimes. It really builds up the connection, even though they do not necessarily need their help!

10th You are encouraging, enthusiastic, supportive and challenging with those you know.

Good friend or colleague was enough. In a fast-paced changing world, we strive to increase your stakes. Friends are sometimes too generous; nice. And that means they will not shoot the shots when they need it. Really good friends need to make sure that they, and the trustworthy relationship they have with others, are strong enough to be honest and true. You should encourage, enthuse, support, and challenge everyone whenever your partner needs it.

With these 10 skills when networking, even just talking to anyone will be like you and that makes it work to build your network is much easier.

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