Having created all "self-marketing documents" and oral presentations, you are ready to take the job search to the street and begin networking. The goal is to get in touch with people who can help you get to the leaseholder within the target companies. Networking can be done by phone, personally, by email, or even by "snail mail".

FordMyers, Career Potential President, Haverford, a PA-based career adviser and "New Year's New Career Plan for Career Success in 2006" explains: "Networking is much simpler and less frightening, as many people think. It does not have to be a good "schmoozer" in the network, and even the best network builders are often great students, unlike the big speeches. "[19659002] And whatever you do, never miss your network efforts. Nine per cent of my clients have good jobs through their networks. It is not worth risking that these odds are NOT continuously networked! Keep in mind: if you are in a career transition, networking is your job. Be the primary target of all activities. The amount and quality of network time is directly linked to the personal, professional, and financial satisfaction required for the next job. "

Must be on the list of contacts Who to turn? Answer: Everyone you know is everybody Yes, everyone, everyone who knows your name must be on his list! The only exceptions are people who obviously they do not like you!) No matter what these relationships mean to life or where they live or how much energy or money they are getting. Assumptions about who can and can not help after guiding thousands of customers through the networking process, that most new jobs are provided by people who are least likely to help them.

-mystify "the network process so it does not seem too overwhelming or confusing for you anymore. The following is a very structured and purposeful approach, which consistently produces excellent results! the basic steps you need to follow:

1. Build Rpport. State, "(the name of my mutual friend / colleague) or" My mutual colleges / friends (I would call it), who suggested "… (Find some area of ​​public interest to discuss) I will contact you with career affairs but let me assure you that I do not call you for a job – and you do not even expect to know any job opportunities for myself or for my specialists background ….

2. Set a positioning statement where you are in "position": it is a solid, I have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing and service sectors. My strengths include analysis, problem-solving, business-to-business and financial management. communication and innovation. Specific expertise in financial el reporting and reporting, cash and risk management and productivity analysis. I'm looking for a leading position focusing on financial statements. "

3. Share what's happened with an exit statement, a concise explanation of why you are no longer in your previous position or why your current employer is interested:" As a result of mergers of two business units, more than 1,500 positions concerned, including mine. You now have the opportunity to explore other career opportunities in financial services that can leak my proven strengths in analysis, problem solving, communication and innovation. "The exit statement must be expressed in a positive way, so there will be no suspicion of" doing something wrong "for losing your job.

4. Ask for help." Would you be willing to help? "[19659002] 5." Decompressor "- put down the pressure – please reset the connection without asking for a job. Repeat:" As I said, I do not ask for jobs, positions. (Give me the name of the mutual friend / colleague) told me he would be such a good person to talk about this goal. It would be obvious to examine some honest credentials and give me honest feedback? right after. "

6. Ask again for help, ie expand your contact network, guidance, advice, feedback, and use the" six-step separation "notice – ask your contacts from contacts and always" generous. "Meaning,

7. Share your main document and set the time to return them: Set up "I email (or fax) a one-sided professional biography and the Target Companies list. or Friday morning? I know your input will be great and I appreciate your help. Keep track of the network meeting and hold the conversation with bidirectional exchange. affect ", try to follow the conversation face-to-face with the phone unless the connection is outside the geographic region.

Intelligent career always moves, no matter what happens to you professionally, if you do not need help at this moment, build it up networking power by helping others, people in general will help you and feel good, increase their self-esteem for people whose opportunities and information are "connected" and they feel important. "Networking is a big investment in the future and always high dividends in the long run pay! "

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