Network management is one of the most important capabilities you can ever learn. I think the question is, "What is networking?" Essentially, networking is the ability to create or build relationships with people you do not know. The art of networking is the development of your own network, which is simply a group of people sharing your ideas, information, resources, and showing members of the network to each other to help each network member share a common goal.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about building a network to the Mastermind group, which is simply a refinanced network that helps you with obscene wealth and success. There are many examples of people in the "Think and Grow Rich" book who have built up their own networks to help them achieve the success they are looking for.

In the chapter, Desire, Napoleon Hill talked about Edwin C Barnes's desire to become Thomas A Edison's business partner. His goal was to build a network that helped him achieve equality and become a partner to Thomas Edison.

The most difficult challenge is to know where and how to build a network. Below I describe four basic steps as part of the Network Plan.

first Step Defining Desire

Napoleon Hill teaches us to Think and Grow Rich that you can only recognize what you want from Desire, and that's also true for networking. What is the desire to build your network and network of people?

For example, your network might have the desire to create similarly-minded businesses, for example builders, and the network you want to build may be painters, decorators, architects, credit advisers, etc. your network can bring 60% of your business from your network.

Basically what you need to do when you start networking, identify your network you want to identify. Be sure to write the Desire at the top of the page to help you easily see what Desire is.

2nd step. Set goals

If you have a clear desire, the next step is to determine the goals of desire. I previously saved an example of a network you want to build. The builders' desire – a network should have been painters, decorators, architects, creditors in the network. You must define the specific goals at the stage of the four-step process.

In the chapter of the Napoleon Hills chapter, Autosuggestion claims that, in order to realize Lust, it must be something that he looks delicious. Simply the desire to be rich, never allow anything but the desire to get $ 400,000 cash ready to live a lifetime and aim to achieve. The same is true of networking.

If you build your network, you need to specify which painters, decorators, and architects you want to break away from your network. You have to write these tangible targets because they are the people who want to build your plan to reach the network.

3rd Develop your plan

The third step in your networking plan is to determine how you will connect to these Target people. The plan needs a lot of research to identify where they spend their time and how they will meet with them in a network environment.

For example, the target architecture may be a member of the Rotary, so your plan may eventually find the way in the current network to join the same Rotary group with which the target architects are members. In your plan you can recognize that you sit four times and show up four times before you ask for coffee in this person or you can meet another feature to get to know them better.

Before doing these gatherings to stone, you need to do a research on your business, but you should also ask the right questions. Do not forget Master Networker to be an important target and ask them about the business. You should not have your agenda to push your business on the throat. You will find that after a while you will naturally ask about yourself, and when this situation arises, it is up to you to present your business.

Another task I advocate is how to handle the issue as part of this step. I also suggest that you follow your questions to memory before you meet these Target Groups. The reason why this practice should be done is to ensure that the transfer of questions, apart from nature, is rather on the stage. I strongly encourage you to ask for a dormitory to help learn these questions and practice how to provide them with network functionality.

4th step. Make the Plan

After you have developed your plan, the final stage is to implement the plan and to start and start leaving the network.

The point is that networking is a skill, and like any skill that takes time to practice, it must follow the four-step process. Remember, elite swimmers will not win Olympic gold without a clear plan and many practices and networking are no different. To finish, I just want to outline the four steps of the networking plan.

first Step 2: Define Desire

2. step. Set goals

3. Develop Your Plan

4. Step: Complete the Plan

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