Today, networking is a synonym for successful business. Networking is the key to good social life. No matter how large our office is, how colorful our flyer is, how powerful our computers are or what conditions we have, the quality of our relationships with ourselves, our family, friends, customers, suppliers and anything else with people we do not know that will determine our success in our personal life or business.

At school we got the idea that the more we know, the more successful we will be in life. This intellectual emphasis on life is practiced in many places all over the world. The emotional approach that has existed for years and the book "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman confirmed that success correlates better with emotional abilities than with the universities. Relationships with others and ourselves are key elements of the concept.

Many people have asked us what we are doing, bringing all these wonderful places around the globe. Each time we answer, we realize that not our business, education or knowledge, but our attitude and the people we personally knew were key to this wonderful journey.

We work in many projects and workplaces all over the world, we realized that the only person who ever asked for our degrees was immigration officers and never rated the high scores of our certifications. My first job at a college is after college. My second job was an insight that the manager had loaded. I took it to my third job halfway around the world, my manager, who was there and needed people she could trust in her own new job. My fourth job offered an opportunity from a California friend on the corporate billboard. My fifth job in Thailand was the call from my third job manager who moved to Thailand and needed the people she could trust. I was sixth with the Singapore consultancy I took in Thailand. I loved it after being friendly to the owner of the company who needed someone to talk to. Moving to Australia, and then moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, both came into being as a result of personal relationships that I created with two boys at a Melbourne Recruitment Company.

I think the most striking part of this was that the acquisition of individual jobs was not dependent on my expertise, my computer skills, or my ability to look good on the Net, but about the people I know, about the network I have developed, net".

A few years ago, I realized that more than 70% of jobs are not advertised and "mouth-to-mouth", so the chances of knowing a new job depend on it.

In life, our network is our security net – people you can contact to get a doctor, a bookkeeper, or where to find swimming lessons for kids. After I've moved many times, I know that our ability to network saved us during the month of trial and error. Your network is Buddy, the person you can call and ask questions, and who refers to the right person if you do not know the answers. Have you experienced this? New places, new jobs and new schools make priceless people.

In business, networking means the spread of "rumor". The primary source of references is network management. In the business world, references are hot wires that are almost ready to buy, as opposed to what you get from a cold call or direct mail.

Networking is cheap, sometimes even free, and works for two great psychological truths:

  1. People are afraid of doing business with strangers.
  2. People prefer a business relationship with people you know or with people you recommend.

Therefore, the MORE familiar (that is, the BIGGER network), the more business you are going to do.

It'll be even better. Of those you know, people prefer business with their loved ones and / or with confidence. Therefore, the more good relationships (such as your STRONGER network), the more business you are going to do.

I let go, not all people are a social butterfly, and not all of us have a big network. It is encouraging to know that networking is a learned skill and persistence is the most important. As Thomas Edison once said, "Genius is a one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent sweating." Take it with one person and one conversation at a time.

Some people do not want to associate business with the social network. They are afraid that the willingness to sell to personal thoughts distracts them because they are not interested in the product or service. Funny, is not it? People get more than 70% of their work through the people they know, but they still want to separate them. The trick here is not to sell the network directly. When exchanging reviews, tips, and stories, you may be able to talk about selling a product. In this situation, the partners of the conversation will not be on the scene, and their desire to be helpful will be thinking that they are potential buyers of the product. All you have to do is talk to them, then let them help and show their appreciation.

SHOPPING BETWEEN DIFFERENT REPRESENTATIONS WHO VERIFY VALUE I'll give you something and in return give you something. I give my money and you give me a pizza. I'll give you some time and give me some money. Think about it – even volunteering is an exchange of services for a good feeling. Networking is about building long-term relationships. Good networking ensures everyone gets the exchange program.

Research by the National Sales Association shows that more than 80% of sales are completed after at least five relationships. This means that in order to get in touch with someone who is strong enough to buy them, you have to spend time with them and have to talk to them five or more times. so do not think fast about your food.

But networking is not just about business. Community events, some friends and children go to the park, car racing or friends with friends are all good networking opportunities. By participating, you can share experiences with others so everyone gets closer together. As a result, it will make it easier for everyone to support each other because you see yourself a little bit of yourself and will see a little bit of yourself in you. Then it's almost as if they were helping you, did not you?

With coaching clients, we put a lot of emphasis on relationships. Once customers discover the power of relationships, their personal lives and business are a much faster advance. For each of our clients, the security network that is being created around it, which determines its success in the coaching process. People become magnets – friendly, helpful and caring. In a business environment, instead of making sure that there is a group of people working with them. Life looks as if it's fun.

My wife, Ronit and I took part in networking events and groups in Brisbane. Some network events happen occasionally, some groups meet once a month, every week and the most successful meet each week. They can all represent a serious value for their members.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with these groups are not trivial. Food, drinks, advance and continuous membership fees and parking. For a small business, especially for a new small business, this can be of great importance.

So we created our own free networking club, which meets every week. We had wonderful meetings and many ideas to help each other. For more information please contact us.

Remember: when you're at home, working for someone else, or running your own business, you're a sales person. Make sure you know what you sell and give to others because "what's going on and coming" and you never know that the next person you meet in your network will not be your next big client or partner in business or in life.

Be happy in life!

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