What is Network Connection?

Improving My Misconceptions:

There are many misunderstandings about the network, so many people do wrong or don't try at all. Networking is not about distributing or receiving most business cards, and is not limited to "network" events. There is no need to create a network to develop the network; You already have: friend, family, business partner, getting to know you. The goal of networking is to increase your existing network to make it stronger for you and for everyone in it.

Many people confuse networking with sales. When you approach someone for sale, the goal is the transaction. When approaching a new relationship in networking, the goal is to learn more about this person and how to help them, either with information, feedback, or redirection to another person. Sales should be the poorest of your mind, without your contact expressly requesting information from you. Networking is like dating. Interconnecting sales with networking is like asking the contact at the first meeting.

Now that we've removed some misunderstanding, let's talk about the network. Networking is a daily lifestyle that can be used to connect and connect with others to build lasting relationships. It's really that simple. As a woman, this of course comes to us, although we do not always take the next steps and follow the link.

Display Value Display:

Maybe you ask yourself, "Why am I going to focus on helping other people? It doesn't seem logical for everyone to focus on securing their own success, but I tell you why

First of all, the goal is not only to help other people, but also to add strong and valuable people to your network. and establish relationships with other people, they will be seen as someone you know. Want to participate in a network of 10 or 500? The more you attract, the more attractive you are to others and don't speak

Third, the focus is not on getting everyone in the network to be a customer. It's a bigger thing. The goal is to join all the people in your network! If everyone knows at least 200 people on average and has a network of 500 people, you have the opportunity to reach 100,000 people with a personal recommendation. There is no marketing strategy on the planet that allows you to access your target market for money and effort.

Contact vs. Transaction:

As discussed above, networking and sales are not the same. There are many sales strategies that use networking skills and are generally more successful than selling cold calls. But pure networking creates relationships. When you encounter a new relationship and are interested in adding it to your network, the goal is to get to know him.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your needs?
  • Can you help him achieve his goals?
  • Interested in mutual relationship?

Once you decide to add a link to your database, important work will begin. Like all relationships, you get out of what you've inserted. After the first meeting, adding the person to the mailing list and forgetting it is not networking. In fact, it is one of the quickest ways to lose a new connection. Finding quality links requires quality efforts to get to know them. Not all of our contacts need to become friends, although this happens from time to time, but the same caution and attention should be paid to your new friend when you establish a relationship.

Practice: Draw a look at your current network and relationships you have created through others . Place yourself in a circle in the middle of the page and start drawing links. Can you see any possible references? Any relationship you would like to deepen? Is there a connection to a network you want to connect to?

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