Live events where coaches or mentors offer conversations, seminars, courses or workshops are places where they can meet with people of similar minds who are potential customers.

I'm trying to go to a live event for a year, and I've always found enough executives who have also participated in the event who became my clients.

Customers' income paid more than participating in travel and live events.

events are on the mailing lists of industry enthusiasts. Choose people who have programs that are also useful and interesting to you.

You can also google calendars in your neighborhood or elsewhere you want to travel.

Of course, it's twice as good when you choose an event where you are learning something valuable to your business. Then you kill almost two birds with a stone – you know more about your business and lead more for your business.

Be sure to keep in mind many business cards, but you can also track who you are talking to, follow them after the event.

Finally, make sure that you follow the event after people remember who you are. 19659002] Many trainer asks, "Where do I find qualified leaders offline?" Here are some tips:

  • Network Meetings such as BNI, Meet-Up, Local Entrepreneurial Groups, Toastmasters and the Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Meetings of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) chapters in every major city http: // www. coachfederation. org
  • Live Events – Find Out About the Target Market
  • Local Support Groups Affecting the Ideal Clients' Problems and Problems
  • There is a stand at a local workplace exhibition or other event that provides the ideal view
  • Start your own local support or business group and invite the community or send unique invitations to your friends who may be eligible for prospects
  • New network paradigm

    Networking offers you the opportunity to find people who are in sync with you. But it's about building relationships, not just sales. There is a new trend in networking that you need to know. The old paradigm was "How can I get to attention?" The new paradigm: "What does this person want, what is needed for them? How can I help them? How can I solve their problems?"

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