Did you see The Secret movie?

If not, I highly recommend it. This is about the law of attraction and how to use this "universal law" to make ourselves self-confident in attracting any result to our lives.

He mentions how athletes and athletes use these techniques for the highest level of performance. I'm so excited about The Secret, we're looking for a place to share with you.

My "AHA" moment came when networking was linked to the ultimate form of an attractive act of action. The saying that "the occasion rewards the prepared mind" was a meaning. The "Secrets" practices are designed to attract the desire.

Over the years, I've been watching some people get rich from the people they're connected to network events, and I see others appear once or twice and they do not get results. The difference is the law of attraction. By making it clear what you want to see, and exactly what the next step in business is to attract the right customer to a network event. In fact to find it!

Here is the networking law attraction process:

1) You know exactly what you need for your next business.

2) Sign up for the event early and undertake to be there.

3) Examine whether the event leaves the business card with the appropriate person.

4) Come 10 minutes before.

5) Join the host. Let them know who you want to join.

6) It's fun to have fun and connect with that person.

When you join, you want to say, "I was waiting for you!" TING! 😉

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