Keith Ferrazzi describes the intensive way of networking that he has learned as a teenager and has become a CMO for several large companies in "Never Eat Alone". Ferrazzi's promise is that in the world of highly successful people, people are constantly helping each other – contacts, jobs, mentoring and helping each other. children too.

Craig is convinced that with the help of other people we can not achieve – the real state of things is that we are strong when we recognize our interdependence with other people. When we are generous with time, money, and relationships-others return and succeed.

The funniest part of this book is that Ferrazzi "pings" all the free minutes by phone, e-mail or text message when he does not meet personally for lunch, dinner or workout. He also went to church with business contacts. He says there are thousands of people in your network that he's regularly connected.

With friends and colleagues, Outlook is cataloged, location, industry and industry, or something. Everyone gets in touch with their next birthday on their nearest network and prints it every week to see who is calling this week.

I recommend this book because it really made me want to do more. Obviously, it was so fun and successful – life as a dedicated network builder. This book is not dry; but a smooth, vibrant reading.

I found "building a network before you need it" inspirational. By way of example, they later enter the entertaining industry. He started to meet his friends working in this industry. He also joined organizations with people working in the industry.

His approach is strategic and credible. It is reasonably strategic because it is looking for interested people who have a common interest and a similar purpose. He is credited with building up real relationships with people he likes, and he really helps those around him to connect and achieve their goals.

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