Facebook and MySpace begin to recognize useful tools in networking the online real estate agent. However, since social networking sites are the first to interconnect people in the internet, people are increasingly interested in niche social networking: websites that link people interested in some topics.

Active Rain is a network that has taken over this concept and transformed itself into an ever-growing community of real estate agents, real estate professionals and the right customers for them. Pages for individuals, about themselves and the services they provide, forums, blogs, and the Q & A forum where people can ask questions about property. So far, 60,000 people have become members, exposing many sites to the site.

One does not have to be an Internet guru to create a niche network. This can be done on existing network sites and applications. Most importantly, we begin to focus on creating fair and useful information. If you are selling homes in the Sunset Hill neighborhood in Seattle, be sure to start your Facebook group or your own wallet from the Sunset Hill neighborhood. Whatever it is, be sure to allow people to consider, ask questions and provide answers.

Provide information on schools, questions about them, working conditions, home care at Seattle's weather … anything and everything in Sunset Hill and Seattle's homes. Make sure it's relevant, make sure it's up to date. Look beyond selling sales outlets and make sure people in Seattle and Sunset Hill homes are worried.

If you have a happy client who has passed through your home transactions through them, contact them and let them know about your site. Many homeowners would be interested in a site where you can find the latest local property values, information about a new building center, or the problems in the Sunset Hill area's schools.

If there are people who come to your site for information about your neighborhood, even if you do not want to buy or sell, you've succeeded. The tremendous success of each site has come through popularity through ads, giving them free stuff. If you have a fair number of permanent visitors who come to your site for the information posted, there are fairly decent executives who can mention your real-estate friends and family members.

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