Is there a cheap person locator? My answer is yes and no. Just the day I shared the 3 search engines, and yes, I said that there is absolutely free service, but I also emphasized that you still have to give up something – a title and a username.

It's not that bad idea to enter your email address and username, especially if you later want to alert the person's location, but I can fully understand locator

So you can get one? You can not do more, but you can use a variety of sources that will not matter.

First, you can use a search engine such as Google and Yahoo that offer search engine functionality for people who are free of charge. That means you can only search for someone as you look for any information. The only difference is that the results are a list of the potential names or contact details of people you could search for.

You can also use social networking sites to search for a million profiles. Myspace and Facebook websites provide free access to millions of people worldwide. A mouse click has long been lost friends, relatives and classmates. You may need to add an account before you can access this database for this service. Free and Easy to Open One

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