Today, I talked to an online acquaintance about the importance of curiosity, how it relies on increased intelligence and to ask questions, not just about others, but about ourselves as well. Interestingly, last year I had almost the same conversation with another acquaintance, Jared Kent, with a type of engineering engineer. Jared asked the question and the concept of curiosity; "Accepted, curiosity and questions create more thoughts that create more curiosity and questions … and so on." Let's talk.

Okay, perhaps the most appropriate response to a teacher may be a question that allows a student to answer his or her questions or ask more and so on. Jared suggests that we should "continue the series of questions to get somebody out and get really good questions." The teacher has to continue asking questions to raise her students and allow student growth. "

I really see and agree – yes, because I have often remarked that I know more and gain more insight into the fresh mind that is still a question or even better, someone from a completely different field that is related to your own aspirations. I met a gal once and he was a wind surfer, peasant surfer, and his idea of ​​"thinking" was absolutely interesting and asked questions without being noticed, took me to think of a new place. The same is true of their work with children, teenagers or other nationalities, cultures, countries, lifestyles or experts. One day we will be able to talk to the other elite (higher-level cognition) species of our planet – dolphins, whales, giant squid, chimpanzees (it's already happening), etc.

Now what about other cultures? What about, for example, Chinese culture, their prestigious education system covers the issue of coverage, leading to the lack of innovative ideas? Jared asked these questions – an interesting way of thinking, but in the true spirit of asking questions in the thinking process – is that perfect for me?

And to her question, yes, I really talked to very good Chinese schools and they were amazed at my vision that they were not in their own area, and immediately assumed that I was one of them – in their own area of ​​science, just by thinking quickly about my subjects. A gentleman I learned in Russia and returned to China, working on seismic examinations, did not understand why he did not ask the questions; "I never thought of this," and I am; – Why have you been in science for 20 years? Please consider this and think about it.

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